Sizes Available: 4.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 7, 9, 11m

Slingshot Says:

The RPM’s Open-C Canopy is a proven shape that has spawned an entire category of kites. For general freeriding, it provides responsive handling, smooth power delivery throughout the window, great boosting ability and powerful but predictable loops. For dedicated freestyle and wakestyle, the RPM’s shape delivers amazing load and pop, smooth pull, massive carry and flawless unhooked performance. No matter what category you fall into, the RPM will improve your entire kiteboarding experience.

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Our Testers Say:

“Pulls like a diesel truck and boosts like a helium balloon.” // Jon Dixon.

“A pure performance machine for high, lofty jumps.” // Justin Lord.

“Rock solid stability; the RPM is quick with tight turns and great power generation.” // Brent Borodic.

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TKB Says:

The 2017 RPM is 3-strut medium aspect C-shaped kite that Slingshot markets as a freeride kite that crosses over between hooked and unhooked freestyle, surf and general freeride. Inflating the RPM is easy with its large diameter bayonet style inflation valve that requires no nozzle on the end of your pump hose. The RPM is the classic C-shaped freestyle machine that offers depower and solid unhooked performance for the rider who wants to combine unhooked game with surf and freeride disciplines. With medium bar pressure and solid grunt, testers commented on the RPM’s solid steering response and predictable power delivery with a nice balanced and tuned feel when unhooked. The relaunch on the RPM is good for a C-shaped kite but not quite as fast as the Turbine and Wave SST. Testers commented on the RPM’s solid low-end power generation and ability to create a good amount of lift for big boosty airs and recommend this kite as a great crossover kite for those that want a kite you can cross between unhooked freestyle, freeride and surf.

The RPM can be used with either the Compstick Guardian or Compstick Sentinel control bars. Either of these bars is fixed length bar that comes in three sizes: 17”width with 20m lines, a 20” width with 23m lines (3m ext), and a 23” width with 27m lines.
TKB-FREERIDE-2017-SLINGSHOT-BAR-2840The Compstick Sentinel has seen some changes this year. It still features an above bar power tuning, but this year there is no above the bar swivel for a cleaner more simpler layout. The Sentinel features a single center-line safety depower, spectra sheeting/throw line with sliding stopper, adjustable length throw, tuning cleat power system with a toggle that uses a magnet to control excess tuning slack and a low-V. The Sentinel offers a sturdy quick release that integrates a below the bar hand swivel which also doubles as a quick release guard. The Compstick is the only bar in our test that features dual outside line OS handles and this year’s bar has new bar ends which create a break between the floats and the bar tip and which also offer bungees for wind-up. While testers liked the smaller diameter grip and raised volcano at the insert to avoid pinched fingers, testers commented on the thin rubber lines along the grip and how they make for a very solid grip.TKB-FREERIDE-2017-SLINGSHOT-BAR-2791The Compstick Guardian features a single center-line safety depower, spectra sheeting/throw line, low V, sliding stopper and below the bar cleat tuning integrated into the push away quick release. There’s no travel guard or below the bar hand swivel but the quick release is compact and keeps a large amount of throw travel within reach of the rider. There’s an above the bar swivel, adjustable length throw and its the only bar in our test that featured dual outside line OS handles. This bar uses Slingshot’s existing Guardian quick release system which puts the kite’s tuning below the bar, which allows surfers to increase the amount of throw/sheeting while still being able to reach the tuning of the kite. Testers who are not used to below the bar sheeting often find it’s difficult to get the leverage to operate the cleat, but with the proper technique (place the cleat on the side of your favored arm and sheet out while adjusting) this is a fairly easy and functional design for performance kiters. If you prefer an above the bar tuning system then check out the Compstick Sentinel.

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