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Prolimit started out as a windsurfing accessory company making booms, bases and harnesses and has since evolved into a full line of waterwear, yet harnesses for windsports remains at the heart of their business. Starting this fall season, Deep Blue Sports based in San Francisco is the North American distributor for the company. We caught up with Edwin Honsbeek at Prolimit’s headquarters in the Netherlands to cover the 2017 Prolimit offerings.

Prolimit has an extensive harness line with six waist and four seat harness options for men. How do the two premium waist harnesses, the Hawk and Predator differ? What differentiates the seat harnesses from each other?

The main difference between the Predator and Hawk are the outlines of the harness and the webbing support for the spreader bar. The Predator is our full back support harness and gives the best support riding in any conditions. Offering full protection with a higher side profile and Prolimit’s new molded slide in bar pad and unique fat bar spreader bar, The Predator completely locks you in!

In the Hawk we combined the features of our Predator and Wave harness. The Hawk has a wave-specific outline and combo profile. The advantage of our Hawk harness is that it has full back support but also has a super low side profile. This profile allows a lot of movement during riding so no more impact on your ribs. On the Hawk we use our EVA molded slide in bar pad with our pin release bar. The features on the Hawk make it the best harness for any freerider. It will perform in every condition.

In both our highend harnesses we use our neoprene inner belt system. The belt gives the best mechanical grip; this mean the harness cannot ride up as it molds to your body shape and sticks to your wetsuit. There is 270° of contact with your body. In both harnesses you also see our new ergonomic, 3D-shaped, dual density memory foam pillow. The new pillow gives you the best back support and comfort.

The Prolimit kiteseat line focuses on the Kiteseat PRO, a full, high back support harness with unique features. On our Kiteseat PRO you will find our neoprene leg straps for comfort during riding — the neoprene edges can flex and stretch to reduce edge pressure on your inner thighs. Our unique sliding bar pad system locks your bar down to prevent impact on your ribs. We believe the Kiteseat PRO has the most unique features of any seat harness in the market.

untitled-13-01For the women, Prolimit offers two waist and one seat harness. How does the Edge stand out from the EVE waist harnesses?

untitled-13-02The design focus for women’s harnesses is to make a real women harness rather than a spin off of a men’s harness. Hannah Whitely gave us a lot of feedback and we developed the new Edge with her help. The Edge is the ultimate freeride-wave harness for women with scooped neoprene soft edges which allows more rib clearance and fits better into a woman’s waist shape. On the new Edge we added the unique features of our Hawk harness; the neoprene belt, dual density pillow, EVA molded bar pad and our unique pin release spreader bar. This makes the Edge perfect for long sessions and high contortions.

Our other women’s specific harness is the EVE, which is designed for girls who ride more powered up. This harness integrates a more optimized molded back support and has a higher side profile for more body contact. The EVE has the same unique features as our Predator harness.

What are your top wetsuit options for women?

In the Fire line you’ll find all Prolimit‘s women-specific wetsuits. The Fire X 5/3 is a progressive women’s back zip wetsuit. The overhead waterblock and Zodiac inside plush lining from knee to chest and back panel keep you super warm and comfortable. We use our Airflex 500+ limestone neoprene for best flexibility. The Fire wetsuit line is performance driven. Hannah Whitely tells us that she is never cold in her Fire X!

How are Prolimit top of the line wetsuits different from the more economical options? With six men’s options in the 2017 lineup, how would you steer customers to choose between the Mercury, Fusion and the Raider?

The Mercury is a unique concept in the Prolimit line. The Mercury project was started four years ago to build the ultimate kite suit. From day one we used a special duotone material which gave the suit its specific stretch and feel. The inside is covered with our Zodiac lining which isolates your skin from the water and keeps you super warm. The stretch in the body and legs is increased to give you maximum freedom of movement. The Mercury is available in a front and back zip version.

The Fusion wetsuit is our performance and value driven line. We feel you should get value for your money and not only pay for marketing. We use our highest quality stretch neoprene in the arm and shoulder sections for increased freedom of movement. Our Zodiac lining is used in the chest panels for warmth and an over-the-head waterblock stops water entry at the neck and around the zip. We have thought about every detail in the Fusion; drain holes in the legs, ankle straps, you name it.

The Raider series stands for functionality. If you have a limited budget it does not mean you can’t buy a good product. We built the Raider with this idea — good fit and the best materials at the price. We use high quality neoprene and added all possible features while keeping the price very reasonable.untitled-13-04

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