Mystic is a multi-sport brand that makes products for kiteboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and SUP. Over the past few seasons, Mystic International has broadened their product lines to become a major sportswear and apparel brand in many markets across the world. This year Mystic setup their own brand-direct distribution for North America with Matt Aiken, lifetime windsports industry veteran, heading up the operation to provide North American kiteboarders with better selection, stock, and pricing.

Mystic has added a hard shell, unibody one piece harness to the lineup. How will this compare to the other harnesses on the market?

The new Majestic X brings a new level of technology and fit to the market. It’s a true hardshell that’s made using truly unique construction. The key to the harness is the patented Bionic Core frame made from a unique composite material that’s very stiff but has been molded in a way that allows it to offer some interesting flex characteristics around the edges. This provides the rider with all the stiffness and support that a true hardshell should provide but offers a level of mobility and comfort in line with traditional harnesses. The construction of the Bionic Core uses some technology that’s never been used in kiteboard harnesses. The core is built from a German thermoplastic composite material made of full carbon that offers 200% more impact resistance than traditional epoxy resin construction. The shell is molded by a new Mystic manufacturing partner in Italy. To finish the harness, Mystic uses their highest end harness technologies including IV foam padding, thermo-molded internal contouring and their latest battle belt design, along with Mystic’s new ClickBar 4.0 (hook) or ClickBar 4.0 Surf (sliding rope). The end result is a super high end, high support harness that offers all the performance of a true hardshell harness but with a super high level of fit and comfort.

How should a rider choose between the Warrior and Legend harnesses?

Mystic has a brand new Warrior harness for 2017 available in the three models: the new Warrior V (the fifth incarnation of the Warrior), the Warrior Wave and the new Warrior Len10 pro model. The Warrior V and Warrior Wave are the same harness with different spreader bars (Clickbar 4.0 and Clickbar 4.0 Wave respectively). The Len10 has extra support integrated into the harness to provide riders with additional support and protection to handle the extreme Len10 riding style and of course features Ruben’s color scheme which you can also find in his signature wetsuits and apparel. Warriors are super plush, supportive, full feature harnesses with a high level of padding and support. The Legend has a unique unibody construction where the body of the harness is made of one molded piece, then the straps, belt, and support structure are all added to the exterior of the harness. The result is a really unique harness that’s quite flexy around the edges, with a supportive, structured fit through the back. Without the foam and neoprene of a traditional harness the Legend is almost completely non-water absorbent so is super light. In terms of choosing between a Warrior and a Legend, the Legend is a simple, light, and relatively flexy harness while the Warrior will provide a more plush, full feature and more supportive fit.untitled-6-01What differentiates a Mystic wetsuit from typical wetsuits you find in a surf shop?

The real simple answer is that a Mystic wetsuit has been design for kiteboarding while a surf suit was designed for surfing. What that means is that Mystic incorporates some unique features such as ankle drains and Velcro ankle seals into the higher end suits. This may not seem ‘game changing’ but it’s actually a really big deal. Water that comes in through the neck of the suit can drain out and riders don’t have water shooting up off their board and through their ankles. So no more four pounds of water holding down each ankle. Mystic has suits of pretty much every imaginable style, thickness, and for every price point, from 5mm full feature lined suits, new, super stretch zipperless suits, and simple, stripped down basic suits, in men’s, women’s and junior sizes. Features vary from price point to price point, so it’s difficult to summarize the features of the entire line, but the simple crux of it is that Mystic suits are made specifically for kiteboarders and will offer a kiteboarder a better overall experience than a typical surf suit will offer.untitled-6-02What are differences between The Legend and Majestic wetsuits?

The Legend and Majestic suits are the highest end men’s suits in the Mystic line. They feature Mystic’s highest grade, highest stretch neoprene, insulated liners, and both offer great kiteboarding-specific features such as sealed, flush resistant zippers, aquabarrier neck seals, Velcro ankle closures, and Mystic’s Aquaflush ankle drains. The Legend is the top-of-the line suit and is available in just two 5/3mm front zip models, the Legend X and Legend. To offer a slightly higher level of flexibility, the Legend X features stitch-free construction covered by Mystic’s Power Seams while the Legend uses glued blind seam construction. Both Legends offer Mystic’s premium quick dry lining. The Majestic features the same high stretch neoprene and essentially the same construction and features as the Legend but uses Mystic’s Polar lining instead of the Quick Dry. Available at a notch lower price than the Legends, the Majestic is also a much broader line of suits, available in a much wider range of colors and in many more styles, from 5/3, 4/3, 3/2mm suits in front or back zips to the new line of Majestic zip free suits. All the features of the Majestic suits are found in the Diva line of women’s suits as well.untitled-6-03

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