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What started as a simple idea discussed over a few cold beers has been quickly nurtured into a full-fledged weeklong shred fest with all of the world’s top park riders in attendance. Home to the only truly public slider park in the world and now filled with more features than ever, Hood River, Oregon was the perfect venue to host such an event. Twenty-nine competitors gathered in the Slider Project Park from August 5th to the 11th to see who would throw down the hardest and claim their spot as the top park rider of the event. Props to Vincent Bergeron for this rad edit!

The Hood Jam puts the Kite Park League’s infantile tour on the road to legitimacy. Read photo essays on the second running of park riding’s premier homespun competition in the fall 2016 issue of Tkb. Subscribe here: https://ow.ly/frVc305a8jk