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Sizes Available: 15, 17m
Sizes Tested: 17m

Slingshot Says:

The 2016 Turbine redefines the meaning of light-wind kiting. With its Open Delta C profile, five-point cascading bridle system, mini-strut technology and optimized aspect ratio and leading edge diameter, the 2016 Turbine will not only get you out kiting in winds as low as five knots, but you’ll have a blast doing it. This combination of critical design characteristics favors ultimate efficiency and optimized control and handling, giving the Turbine its renowned low-end power and grunt while maintaining the turning speed and efficiency that makes it the king of light-wind performance.

Visit for more info: www.slingshotsports.com/2016-Turbine#.V0iU_ORuM50

TKB Says:

The Turbine is back for another year as the Godfather of low-end grunt. It’s massive canopy weighing in at 17 meters of delta-shaped monster pulling power is guaranteed to get you out in the lightest of wind. With medium plus bar pressure the Turbine turns relatively good for a kite of its size but the power really starts cranking when the Turbine builds apparent wind as it starts moving across the window. When you drop the 17m in the water the relaunch may take a little longer than the 15m’s seemingly spontaneous relaunch, but the 17m still ranks high on our relaunch list. The Turbine has been a perennial favorite of our light wind test and this year was no different with the Turbine getting us out in the lightest wind of the day in highly underpowered onshore slop, which is no easy feat.


The 2016 Compstick with Guardian is a simple yet feature rich fixed length bar (43cm, 50cm and 58cm bar widths which come with 20m, 23m and 27m line lengths respectively) that uses a single center-line safety depower, spectra sheeting/throw line, low V, sliding stopper and below the bar cleat tuning integrated into the push away quick release. There’s no travel guard or below the bar hand swivel but the quick release is compact and keeps a large amount of throw travel within reach of the rider. There’s an above the bar swivel, adjustable length throw and the only bar in our test that featured dual outside line OS handles. This year’s bar has new bar ends which also offer bungees for wind-up (SS used to use Velcro on the OS handles) and while testers liked the smaller diameter grip and raised volcano at the insert to avoid pinched fingers, testers commented on the thin rubber lines along the grip and how they makes for a very solid grip. This bar uses Slingshot’s existing Guardian quick release system which puts the kite’s tuning below the bar, which allows surfers to increase the amount of throw/sheeting while still being able to reach the tuning of the kite.

Visit for more info on the bar: www.slingshotsports.com/2016-Compstick-w-Guardian