It’s not just a t-shirt. When what you wear says a lot about you… or what you do, it’s hard to find a shirt that explains and justifies how stylish and expressive kiteboarding really is. In between lousy vectored graphics and mainstream branded logos, it’s difficult to find unique and unusual kite graphics, let alone slap that image on something you want to put on and parade around town. Frustrated by the lack of aesthetic appeal in kite apparel, French artist and kiter, Arnone, decided to create a collection of artfully designed t-shirts for riders. Kiteboarding allows for an inspirational and expressive outlet; and while the big brands surf on its success, Arnone was driven to develop a more “core” and genuine concept, sharing his art and adventures with the kite community.

Inspired under a kite, Arnone develops all of his concepts on the water, then back at his computer, designs and illustrates for his limited edition kite lifestyle apparel line. Eco-conscious and dedicated to environmental preservation, he uses only materials that respect the environment; earth-friendly inks and super soft 100% organic cotton.

With lines for both men and women, engaging taglines including “No Wind, No Life”, “Get High, Go Kiteboarding” and a cache of comical imagery, these t-shirts capture the authentic essence of kiteboarding and might just be the best way to explain what you do and why you love it.

Have a scroll through Arnone’s t-shirt graphics in the gallery below and check out the entire collection here:


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