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Sizes Available: 135, 139, 143cm
Sizes Tested: 139 x 42.5cm

Liquid Force Says:

Based off of Liquid Force’s most popular kiteboard of all time (the Influence), the Legacy delivers a cutting edge overhaul. Jason Slezak and Jimmy Redmon put their heads together, designing a board that would provide a similar feel to the Influence, but with a thinner and lighter design for unrivaled performance. The Legacy’s advancements include a progressive rail concave for added edge hold and enhanced durability, a full double concave for more efficient riding and a state-of-the-art flex profile for eating choppy conditions, softer landings, and more powerful takeoffs. The result: an organic, flowing, hand-shaped feel. For 2016, the Legacy gets a weight reduction with the use of a vector net carbon weave base lamination which allows for the reduction of the use of multiple glass laminations.

Visit for more info: www.liquidforcekites.com/product/boards/legacy/

Our Testers Say:

“Easy to plane but a bit skatey, definitely suited for freestyle.” Tom Fristoe

“Super fun board, easy to carve and boost. A bit skatey with the small fins and needs a little more attention to foot pressure when going upwind, but comfy pads and straps.” Marko Bartscherer

“Comfortable board, good straps, easy rider that can offers stiff flex on pop but is still comfortable on hard landings and goes upwind through the chop very well.” Jonathan Dixon

Meet the 2016 TKB Test Team.

Tkb Says:

The 2016 Liquid Force Legacy features a quad concave construction with a spine, channeled rails and swallowtail V tips. It’s got better pop than the Liquid Force Drive due to its stiffness while some testers noted it can be hard on the landings. Allowing for ample adjustability, the Legacy features three stance widths and four duck settings, and features a rubbery smooth footbed with a nice toe bump and comfortable dual Velcro adjustment straps. Testers gave this board high praise for its easy upwind performance that handled aggressive chop quite well while also commenting on the Legacy’s skatey and playful carving in the waves.