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bstoked collage

bStoked wants you to get away from the crowded tourist spots that keep you detached from the local kitesurf community. Insteed, they are working on a peer-to-peer platform that will facilitate collaborative kitesurfing ”“ the sharing of kitesurf experiences, resources and local knowledge between kitesurfers, creating more unique and authentic kitesurf adventures. When hosted by a local kitesurf buddy, you can get an insider experience of the local kitesurf scene, discover secret spots and enjoy riding with locals. It’s the perfect recipe to make friends, discover new places and get stoked on kitesurfing.

This contest is the first incentive to local and professional kitesurfers to come up with creative ideas for unique kitesurf experiences at the locations well known to them. For their first outreach campaign, they received proposals for over 50 kitesurf experiences ranging from complete kitesurf cruises, camps and road trips all with unique accommodations, spot guidance as well as courses on amazing locations around the world.

Now the global kitesurf community can decide what type of collaborative kitesurf experiences they like most and set new trends for kitesurf travel. The preselected experiences with the most votes will be bookable at www.bstoked.net soon after voting closes on 14th February.

Vote now to support the most interesting proposals as well as get the chance to win vouchers to make your favorite kitesurf trip happen in 2016!

To access to voting page visit: www.bstoked.net/competition and get your vote in before February 14!