SP-Gadgets Says:

Whether you’re boarding, diving or just need to use both of your hands for other things, the SP-Gadgets Mouth Mount lets you capture all the action while giving you the freedom of movement you need. The only 2-component mouthpiece-mount on the market, the Mouth Mount provides air through the side air intake, allowing you to complete your shots effortlessly and comfortably. Or just use the Mouth Mount as a hand grip for added stability!

Visit for more info: https://www.sp-gadgets.com/

Tkb Says:

If you read the Sabo Smack™ column in the 2015 Fall issue of Tkb you now know that there’s no one single GoPro angle that’s worth watching for more than ten seconds. Simply put, you need to switch it up. The SP-Gadgets Mouth Mount is a great device to help you capture an assortment of angles as well as allows you to stow it in your mouth during the more hectic moments when you need two hands.

The key selling point for this mouthpiece-mount is that it is designed like a scuba respirator with an open airway and large vents for easy breathing when the GoPro is in your mouth (much better than the old-school method of chomping down on a foam block glued to the housing). When your head goes under water, the airway fills with water, but when you go topside you can clear the airway with a quick breath, much like a snorkel, but far easier.


The SP-Gadgets Mouth Mount comes with a foam block which sticks to the back of your GoPro housing and offers two nifty features: First, the foam block rests against your chin so that there’s very little leverage against your teeth. Second, the foam block has curvature shaped into its back so it nestles into the round of your chin for directional stability. SP-Gadgets uses a 3M sticky pad so this foam block is probably going to keep your GoPro floating through the worst of situations (The Mouth Mount and GoPro does float – we purposely lost it on a big wave and the bright colors made it extremely visible and easy to find when it resurfaced in the whitewater).

When the Mouth Mount was first pulled out of its packaging and put in our mouth, the rubber odor triggered the old gag reflex, but once we got it in the water, the rubber smell dissipated and it became very comfortable to hold in our mouth. The inner ledge has a dot-like grip that is easy to clench with your teeth and the chin rest combined with the inner ledge allows you to relax your jaw while kiting around with your GoPro. After a few minutes it became second nature and we stopped thinking about the device hanging out of our mouth.

The tensioning nob is the correct length for easy adjustment and the high quality threaded nut doesn’t separate from the mount, which is a very nice touch that you don’t get with standard GoPro accessories.

In terms of artistic use of this GoPro mount, when it’s locked in your mouth (with your GoPro’s widest setting) you’re not going to see much more than your hands, control bar, kite and board and certainly not all of those things at the same time. Sam Light has used the mouth angle for course previews at the Triple-S and the Hood River Slider Jam with much creative success, but for the average kiteboarder, filming from the mouth may not deliver the most captivating images. We recommend putting the GoPro in your hand to get different angles in addition to the mouth mount. The biggest selling point is that this mount allows you to transport the GoPro with ease, whether you’re working on mouth shots, hand shots, shooting a friend or placing the GoPro on stationary objects to film yourself.

For an entertaining sample of mouth mount footage checkout Sam Light’s Triple-S Course Preview video below:


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