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Sizes Available: 5’3”
Sizes Tested: 5’3”

LF Says:

Fast, silent, smooth, basically flying! What is there not to like about riding a foil. The LF foil was designed with 3 overlying objectives. 1. Easy to use, 2. Built for progression, and 3. Affordable. We accomplished all 3 by thinking outside the standard thought process of where the foil masses are going. We pushed the engineering staff and challenged the designers to think different. And with relentless pursuit we have hit all objectives! Get ready to fly. The foil for the people!

Visit for more info: https://liquidforcekites.com/product/foil/foil-fish/


Tkb Says:

The Liquid Force Foil Fish is an exciting addition to the growing foil market with its out of the box design embracing aluminum struts and plastic foils to achieve a more affordable entrance into foilboarding. The Foil Fish comes with a medium length mast and low to medium aspect wings. The lower aspect wings allow the board to foil up at a lower initial speed and when fully powered results in a slower top speed. In our opinion, for those that are learning, a slower foil up speed may result in less exciting (read safer) crashes and most freeride foilboarders will likely end up preferring this lower aspect foil for carving and freeride cruising (dare we say wave riding?). Performance-wise, the aluminum construction has a different feel while on foil; it seems as if the metal transfers a small amount of sound/vibration from the foil slicing through the water, which is different, not bad, compared to a traditional composite/glass construction foil. The board that comes with the Foil Fish is a low volume surf shape compared to other boards on the market, but generally offers a solid platform for controlling the board with good overall width and thin but comfortable pads which are great for dialing the small control inputs required by foilboarding. This board does lack the beveled/chined rails found on other boards but that is certainly not an essential option, particularly at this price point and as LF likes to point out, you can take off the foil and surf this board – which admittedly is great for travel when you are limited to only one board option.

In terms of handling, foils are judged on how they react to input on the three axis’: Pitch, yaw and roll. Based on the foils we’ve ridden, the Liquid Force is fairly agile on the pitch and yaw axis and a little more static on the roll axis. The foil’s performance and price make this foil an excellent option for those interested in foilboarding, even if you are skeptical about your longterm interest in this aspect of the sport the LF is a great way to get your feet wet.