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AXIS Ultra
Sizes Available: 144, 148cm
Sizes Tested: 144 x 45cm

Axis Says:

The Ultra has the same shape as the Patrol but a lighter and more responsive ride thanks to BIAX Carbon upgrades giving the highest performance light wind twin tip in our AXIS kiteboarding range – probably across any other light wind board on the market.

Visit for more info: https://www.axiskiteboarding.com/product/ultra-2/#.VYxwY6bmdl8

Our Testers Say:

“Great looking board that is super lightweight and did everything well. It shot upwind yet was fun to jump. This is my favorite choice for this year because it’s a great high performance board that doesn’t feel big under your feet, but I might ride it with slightly bigger fins,” Clint Sterba.


Tkb Says:

The Ultra is the sister shape to the Patrol, but offers a stiffer carbon construction that impressively cuts down on the overall weight. We tested the smaller version of the Ultra (144x45cm) which received excellent reviews for combining fun freestyle performance with excellent upwind performance in light wind. Testers found the Ultra to be a little stiffer in the chop, but with proper load and release technique, this board delivers excellent pop and feels very light underfoot for a board in the light wind segment. A couple of our larger reviewers felt this board ran on the skatier side with the less aggressive bottom contours and expressed interest in bigger fins than the 40mm supplied, but despite these comments, this board received high marks for locked-in riding and fun carving.