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AXIS Patrol
Sizes Available: 144, 148cm
Sizes Tested: 148 x 47cm

Axis Says:

The 2015 AXIS Patrol has maintained the construction and design details from its 2014 predecessor, while improved further on materials and manufacturing process. Light, strong, snappy and ready to pop in the lightest conditions. The Patrol has a flatter shape and less complicated bottom concave creating a faster board with less drag.

Incredibly maneuverable, the Patrol has an increased surface area giving the rider quicker planing, achieve more power from the kite and even allow freestyle riding in light winds. Enjoy the flat, butter smooth uncrowded water all to yourself. Make the most of every day kiting with the 2015 AXIS Patrol.

Visit for more info: https://www.axiskiteboarding.com/product/patrol-2/#.VYxtbabmdl8

Our Testers Say:

“Great light wind board that packs some pop and good flex that ate chop up nicely. With excellent upwind ability, good edge control and excellent carving, this board is very comfortable to ride and the pads have a lot of cushion,” Donovan Brown.


Tkb Says:

The Patrol with a glass layup is the sister shape to the carbon Ultra. Both featured toned down bottom contours with a gentle center spine, a double concave center and an overall flatter rocker for light wind performance. The Patrol has a little softer flex compared to the carbon-based Ultra and tester’s feedback reflected this with praise for the Patrol’s very forgiving ride in the choppier conditions. In the larger of the two sizes, testers gave the 148cm excellent reviews for its upwind performance in light wind, and fun carving as well as good freestyle performance for a twin tip in the light wind category.