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BLADE Fat Lady
Sizes Available: 17m
Sizes Tested: 17m

Blade Says:

Stop building sand castles and start ripping – light wind days should be just as fun as any other. Powerful and efficient, the Fat Lady has led the field in light wind kiteboarding. It’s not just designed to keep you upwind, additionally its focused on letting you pull off your usual bag of tricks and shred on the water with a big smile on your face. Every one of Blade’s kites is designed to be ultra-responsive, fast and quick turning. The 3rd generation Fat Lady is by no means an exception.

Visit for more info: https://bladekites.com/products/fat-lady

Our Testers Say:

“The Fat Lady does it again! This is by far one of the best kites this year! I owned the previous model and loved it to death. Turns even faster this year, probably the fastest turning 17m I’ve ever flown and it works great in all conditions with an amazing wind range,” Clint Sterba.


TKB Says:

The Fat Lady is back this year with three struts, new attachment points for the leading edge bridle and wingtip profile. The low-end on this kite is among the top in this year’s test while earning high praise for it’s steering speed and upwind ability. The Fat Lady has one of the thinnest diameter leading edge’s in the test and we think this is a large factor in the kite’s surprising performance for such a large size. Despite the reduced diameter leading edge we had no problem relaunching this kite and testers liked the fat lady’s middle of the road big kite bar pressure.


The Fat Lady came with adjustable dual length bar-ends, a single center-line safety depower, spectra sheeting/throw line with sliding stopper and an above bar tuning cleat that can be adjusted to accommodate longer throw length without disturbing the kite’s tuning. The safety release is a simple non-rotating push away quick release with travel guard and an above the bar swivel with low V. The outside lines are tunable under the floats, with non-retractable winder bungees. Testers like the thin diameter grip and fairly firm texture and didn’t seem to comment on the upward kink in the bar, but did say they would have liked a slightly wider stance for this size kite.

Visit for more info on the bar: https://bladekites.com/products/trigger