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The final day of the CKA National Championship started at 11am with winds averaging in the 20mph range at the REAL Slick. Pro riders Billy Parker, Colleen Carroll and Manuela Jungo were on hand to judge the event which would prove to deliver another day of high level riding from the CKA competitors.

Heat one was a powerful one right off the bat with Exeter’s Liam Proctor throwing a kiteloop 313 to set the stage, leaving FIU’s Niklas Reymann to up the ante with a double S-bend to blind ollie. Niklas’s kite position, power and smooth riding, along with a last minute back mobe helped him nail the highest score of his heat.


Niklas Reymann

Heat two put College of Charleston’s Brandon Cordina and Jacob Olivier from Score at the Top Academy to the test. Jacob went trick for trick increasing his landings and consistency but Brandon managed to earn the win. Heat three had College of Charleston teammates Daniel Ware and Ben Holmquist squaring off. Daniel was in control of the heat, but Ben edged Daniel out with a back to wrapped and kiteloop raley.

Heat four was no less exciting as Kit Fisher from UCF and Ross Brown from Exeter battled it out. Ross was winning and had more tricks but Kit snuck in a sweet S-bend and grabbed backroll loop in the last two minutes of his heat and took the win. 

In heat five Anthony DeFilippo from UCF and Christian Shaw from Cornell were scheduled to compete, however, Shaw did not make his heat and DeFilippo won by default.

Semi-finals number one had Niklas Reymann and Ben Holmquist hungry for the win. Ben landed a kiteloop and a back to toeside, while Niklas stayed consistent and with his variety of technical moves, advanced into the finals.

The second heat of the semi-finals included Brandon Cordina, Kit Fisher and Anthony DeFilippo. Kit pulled off some powered backloops and a noise 3, Anthony went for a deadman and darkslides, while Brandon threw a raley to blind and S-to-blind before taking the heat with a final blind judge.

Anthony DeFilippo

Anthony DeFilippo

The next heat was a double elimination round consisting of Ben Holmquist, Anthony DeFilippo, and Kit Fisher. The heat started off a bit slow but Anthony picked up the pace with his sweet style, huge airs and perfect deadman. Kit came back with some grabs and loops and powerful S-bends, but in the end, DeFilippo prevailed.

In the Women’s Finals, India Stephenson from Flagler College, Taylor Swanson from Florida Atlantic University, and Melanie Alfieri from University of Central Florida entered the water. Melanie pulled a killer straight jump, Taylor came back with a grab jump and India sealed the heat with a raley and a nice S-Bend.


India Stephenson and Taylor Swanson

The Men’s Finals consisted of Brandon Cordina, Niklas Reymann and Ben Holmquist. Ben’s repertoire consisted of multiple raleys to blind and S-bends, Brandon pulled out a blind judge and solid raley to blind and Niklas stomped a back mobe and unhooked kiteloop to frontside 3, to secure the win for the men’s freestyle event. 

Brandon Cordina

Final Overall Results

Mens Surf

1. Reider Decker (ECU)

2. Brandon Cordina (CofC)

3. Kit Fisher (UCF)

Womens Surf

1. India Stephenson (Flagler College)

2. Taylor Swanson (FAU)


1. Billy Bosch (UF)

2. Christian Shaw (Cornell)

3. Brian Walters (FSU)

4. Ryan Druyor (FSU)



1. Brandon Cordina (CofC)

2. Niklas Reymann (FIU)

3. Ben Holmquist (CofC)


1. India Stephenson (Flagler College)

2. Taylor Swanson (FAU)



1. Niklas Reymann (FIU)

2. Brandon Cordina (CofC)

3. Ben Holmquist (CofC)


1. India Stephenson (Flagler College)

2. Taylor Swanson (FAU)

3. Melanie Alfieri (UCF)

High School

Jacob Olivier (Score at the Top Academy)


1. Liam Proctor (Exeter)

2. Ross Brown (Exeter)

Overall School

1. College of Charleston

2. University of Central Florida

3. Florida Atlantic University

The CKA would like to thank the following sponsors: Best Kiteboarding, Slingshot, Airush, Dakine,  iKitesurf.com and REAL Watersports