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[two_third]DORK TRICKS – In an interview with Rich Sabo and Brandon Scheid we examine a new category of freestyle that originates from skateboarding. The Dork Trick meshes the smooth hooked-in steeze of old school with new school’s technical grabs and emphasis on style, while opening a brave new world of freestyle fun. [/two_third]


[two_third]TROLLING FOR TEAHUPO’O – Raphael Salles piles 14 Athletes and a mountain of gear onto two catamarans to crisscross the French Polynesian islands for the ultimate waterman’s experience. With chargers like Mitu Monteiro and Robinson Hilario, the F-One team explores every nook and cranny of Tahiti, finding perfect surf, stand-up paddling and freestyle conditions at every corner.[/two_third]


[two_third]CAPE TOWN CAPER – Stuntman and freestyle Jedi Master Nick Jacobsen partners with photographer Lars Daniel Terkelsen to make playful and surreal 3D kite art in Cape Town. Strap on your 3D Glasses and watch Cabrinha’s favorite stunt junkie explode off the page into multiple dimensions.[/two_third]


[two_third]SNOWMOBILE KITING – The siren’s song of wide-open exploration lures Melissa and Packy Cronin into a love-hate relationship with a tired yet fickle beast; her father’s snowmobile. Our story follows the Cronins into Wyoming’s Big Horn mountains as they coerce a tired and disgruntled two-stroke sled into some of the best snowkiting the Rockies have to offer.[/two_third]


[two_third]BAD LUCK BANANAS – Last issue we followed Jalou Langeree and Hope Levin’s exploration of Mozambican waters in the Kuzi Project. In this Kuzi Project side trip, events take a turn for the worse when Jalou invites a horrific curse on her team as they enter Madagascar, as the team struggles to survive serial misfortune in a kiteboarder’s visual wonderland. [/two_third]


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