CABRINHA Switchblade
Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10m

Cabrinha Says:

After ten years of refinement, the Switchblade kite from Cabrinha is held as the benchmark for which all crossover/freeride kites must aspire to. Its success lies in its uncommon blend of high performance and ease of use. The Switchblade will easily crossover from freeriding to freestyle to surf on any given day. The common element in each of these riding styles is precise handling; and this is where the Switchblade shines.

The Switchblade provides maximum control with a light bar touch. The SB’s high performance profiles deliver the power needed in light winds and the ability to dump the power in strong winds. This gives the SB the type of range needed to extend your sessions when the winds are up and down. The five strut design holds the canopy true to its shape regardless of the wind condition or angle of attack.

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Our Testers Say:

“Felt at home behind the controls of the Switchblade, very stable and predictable kite that I knew where it was at all times with effortless relaunch,” Jason Kane.

“Very nice kite that everyone will love, it’s stable flying with great boost and excellent at just about everything,” Michael Doucet.

“Smooth power delivery with lots of low end; very comfortable and stable in the air kind of kite with easy boosting and stable platform for load and pop jumps,” Dray Murray.

Meet the 2015 TKB Test Team


TKB Says:

The 2015 Switchblade is a 5-strut medium aspect kite that has seen a few changes in construction and small refinements in performance this year. The Switchblade features easy inflation with a large diameter bayonette valve that connects to the standard inflation hose without the use of a nozzle and medium to shorter length fixed front bridle with a single setting and two steering settings on the wingtips. Testers found the Switchblade to have medium bar pressure, some testers thought lighter than last year’s kite, and smooth predictable sheeting with good power delivery and a large sweet spot. The Switchblade earned high marks for boosting big user-friendly airs, easy upwind ability with middle to forward window flying and was recommended by most testers as a great crossover kite for freeride, big air, freestyle and waves.


The biggest change to the Overdrive control bar for 2015 is a new push away quick release that is much simpler and easier to operate than previous years. The Overdrive comes in two adjustable lengths (Standard: 48-56cm and 1X 57-65cm) which makes on the water bar length changes quite easy with simple clicks into the dual positions. This year’s bar incorporates a streamlined single center-line safety depower system, low V, and a fixed length durable plastic sheeting/throw line which combines above the bar tuning with longer travel throw while keeping controls well within the rider’s reach by using extension handles. The plastic depower/throw line doesn’t include an adjustable stopper but the spring loaded controls act to keep the bar within reach when let go. The plastic push away quick release can be cocked off to the side for easy reassembly and incorporates a below the bar hand swivel that doubles as a travel guard. Testers liked the medium density and medium diameter of the bar’s grip, but commented on the wider diameter at the bar ends and recommended taking time to familiarize one’s self with the color coding of the tuning controls.

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