BLADE Trigger
Sizes Available: 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10, 14m

Blade Says:

With efficient power delivery and amazingly fast turning, the Trigger is truly a user friendly kite, making it an ideal choice for all level riders who don’t consider themselves just one type of rider. They like to have fun in whatever conditions the day brings.

The Trigger’s turning axis is generated along the LE between center strut and wingtip, resulting in efficient balance between turning speed and power delivery. This is a key performance feature for all-around kites. A state of the art wingtip design and complex LE structure let’s you jump, loop, speed ride, spin and grab, or just cruise – there is no denying versatility is at the core of the Trigger design.

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Our Testers Say:

“Fast turning, nimble kite that you can feel where the kite is without looking, easy relaunch with great power through turns and fun to carve with,” Mike Stephens.

“This kite boosted me to cloud 9, left me there for awhile to enjoy the view and brought me down to earth for a soft landing,” John Steimle.

“Kite immediately felt fast with quick pivot turns while very responsive to my inputs with plenty of depower available in a shorter throw,” Jason Kane.

Meet the 2015 TKB Test Team.


TKB Says:

The 2015 Trigger is a medium to high aspect 3-strut delta hybrid that earned high marks for its steering response, turning speed and impressive boosting capabilities. The Trigger features a smaller diameter leading edge that our beach rep advised our testers to pump very firm, as well as a reduction in Dacron in the wingtip and canopy areas. The Trigger inflates with the standard sized 9mm/11m dump valve and features a front bridle with pulleys that offers two settings (forward = wave, backward = standard) and connects with a larks head on the front bridle and knotted wingtip attachment. Testers found the Trigger to have medium to lighter bar pressure and raved about the kite’s quick steering response, fast turning yet predictable handling. With good upwind ability and impressive boost and hangtime, the Trigger left a strong impression with most testers recommending this kite for all styles of riding, with an emphasis for intermediate and advanced riders in big air freestyle.


The Trigger came with adjustable dual length bar-ends, a single center-line safety depower, spectra sheeting/throw line with sliding stopper and an above bar tuning cleat that can be adjusted to accommodate longer throw length without disturbing the kite’s tuning. The safety release is a simple non-rotating push away quick release with travel guard and an above the bar swivel with low V. The outside lines are tunable under the floats, with non-retractable winder bungees. Testers like the thin diameter grip and fairly firm texture and didn’t seem to comment on the upward kink in the bar.

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