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Sizes Available: 132, 136, 140cm
Sizes Tested: 136cm

CrazyFly Says:

This board does not need much introduction. The Raptor Pro LTD is one of the best boards we have ever made. Extremely light full carbon masterpiece with Gullwing Double Concave Channels. Buttery soft in chop, yet dynamic for high end freeride and freestyle. Plus, it is made with high quality materials and top notch engineering.

The Gullwing Double Concave shape combines perfectly with the full carbon construction and strong CNC shaped 3T wood core to provide amazing control of flex, stiffness and pop. Plus, due to the shape, the Raptor LTD just eats up chop and eliminates splash. There’s also heaps of grip for ripping upwind and for loading up for jumps.

The Raptor Pro LTD is a highly refined, popular and very well balanced high performance board with stunning design and elegant carbon fiber look.The Raptor LTD comes complete with Dura footpads, Quick Fix II footstraps, a handle and Razor fins with ultra thin profile.

Visit for more info: https://www.crazyflykites.com/cf2015/board.php?id=raptor-pro-ltd

Our Testers Say:

“Light, agile, and easy on the knees, it’s a great board through the chop or flat water with good pop and great control,” Mike Stephens.

“Light, locked-in ride, very similar to the Elite, but with more flex in the chop,” Jason Kane.

“Nice and light board with excellent edge control when powered up, handles the chop well but splashes water in my face every once in awhile,” Aaron Stephens.

Meet the 2015 TKB Test Team

TKB Says:

The Raptor Pro LTD features a full carbon construction and a double concave bottom that tracks upwind extremely well. The LTD features three stance width adjustments and a single duck option. Testers gave the Raptor Pro LTD high marks for its upwind ability and easy chop handling, good dampening and smooth ride. The LTD scored high in load and pop and earned solid praise for its carving turns. Testers liked the plushness of the pads and the pronounced toe ridge for extra grip for aggressive riding and overall, found the pad/straps to be very comfortable.