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This morning started out with the overall standup paddleboard finals in waist to shoulder high waves along with side offshore winds. Zane Schweitzer, Fiona Wylde, Brian Talma and Brandon Sanford paddled out for a battle that lasted all the way throughout the entire heat and in the end, Zane won the competition with flying colors.


The surfing overall finals were no less exciting with riders giving it all they had. After a lot of deliberation, the jury had finally decided in the morning that Brian “Action” Talma would be going to the surf finals instead of Spanish athlete Diego Anta. The action man, however, again came in third, being beaten by Dominican surf champion Brandon Sanford (2nd place) and Zane Schweitzer winning a well-deserved first place.


“I am super happy with having won both the standup paddleboard and surf categories, now I still want to win the last one: the windsurf category”, Zane gushed. When asked what he would recommend to future contestants to help them win he replied that diversifying into many different watersports is definitely the key. “Practicing different watersports every day helps to expand both the mind and the body, creating new perspectives and a broader mindset as well as the development of different muscles.”

The wind showed up in the late afternoon, so they postponed the team surf finals until early Friday morning, thus moving up the individual and overall kitesurfing finals. The heavy toll of the event was starting to show with competitors trying to maintain their energy levels and giving their all in the afternoon when the wind started blowing hard.


On Friday, February 27, after all the popular expression sessions are completed which let athletes compete against each other in one category only, the results of who will be the 2015 Master of the Ocean will be made public together with the results of the best team and the best athletes in the expression sessions.

Here are today’s results.