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Sizes Available: 4.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10m

Slingshot Says:

The 2015 RPM features the Intuitive Response System (IRS), a revolutionary pulley-less bridle system that combines a “Direct Drive Bridle” and a “Suspension Displacement Bridle.” The combination of these two advancements act as a shock absorption system and distribute tension properly to where it’s needed, which not only eliminates pulleys, but also eliminates the lag time that results from the pulley having to travel fore and aft along the bridle line. Riders will notice a huge improvement in the kite’s stability with immediate and smooth feedback.

We are also introducing our new “One Pump Speed System and other improvements to our bomb-proof construction with a all new diamond leech trailing edge construction and new DP 175 Dacron leading edge and strut material for the most durable RPM ever.

Visit for more info: https://www.slingshotsports.com/2015-RPM

Our Testers Say:

“Great handling kite with good wind range, stable, turns on a dime,” Michael Doucet.

“Doesn’t boost/hang or go upwind like the Rally, but quick turning, stable and works well for unhooked moves. The 2015 Compstick is my favorite bar with the perfect blend of features and simplicity,” Jason Kane.

“Smooth feel with good turning speed and good boost and hangtime with a comfortable and simple bar,” Pat O’Connor.

Meet the 2015 TKB Test Team.


TKB Says:

The RPM is a 3-strut medium aspect kite which features Slingshot’s new IRS bridle and a high flow bayonet valve that connects to the standard inflation hose without the use of a nozzle, and a dual setting fixed front bridle and four steering settings on the wingtips. Testers praised the RPM for its stable flying, direct steering response and high-end performance. Compared to the Rally, the RPM sits a little deeper in the window, with a little less low-end power and slightly less bar pressure but is much better for unhooked performance.

The Rally came with the Compstick, a simple yet feature rich fixed length bar (43, 50, 58cm) that uses a single center-line safety depower, spectra sheeting/throw line, low V, sliding stopper and below the bar cleat tuning integrated into the push away quick release. There’s no travel guard or below the bar hand swivel but the quick release is compact and keeps a large amount of throw travel within reach of the rider. There’s an above the bar swivel, adjustable length throw and the only bar in our test that featured dual outside line OS handles. Testers liked the smaller diameter grip, mild texture and raised volcano at the insert to avoid pinched fingers. Many of our testers were not familiar with below the bar tuning, but by placing it on the side of your favored arm and sheeting out when adjusting it’s fairly easy to trim the kite.

Visit for more info on the bar: https://www.slingshotsports.com/2014-Compstick