The Evo proved its supremacy when Tom Herbert used it at the Red Bull King of the Air and boosted the biggest jump of the contest. For many people, it was the standout kite for 2014, with magazines rating it as one of the best all around freeride kites on the market.

No matter which kite size you ride (you can choose from 6m-14m), the Evo has a huge wind range with exceptionally good low end. Its 5-strut design maintains stability in high winds and is fantastic for huge, floaty jumps with lots of hangtime. The Evo makes unhooking a breeze. It offers a power delay after you pop, allowing you to perform your tricks ease. It goes upwind like a champ, ensuring you keep your spot on the beach, no matter how big you go on your tricks. The Evo is the jack of all trades; perfect for freeride, freestyle, and waves.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.07.43 PM

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