‘Tis the season for new gear releases! They keep rolling out, and we couldn’t be more excited. Another launch this week from Nobile with their 2015 Separa Splitboard Collection. Read what Nobile has to say:

The revolution in kiteboarding started in 2013, when Dariusz Rosiak, the Nobile founder and owner, patented the W-Connection solution, better known as the split. Thanks to W-Connection, the kiteboard can be easily and quickly dismantled into two pieces. In such form the board altogether with the rest of the equipment fits in the luggage with no problems. It is especially important with the Wave board – Nobile Infinity.

Thanks to this solution kitesurfers save a significant amounts of money when air travelling and the board investment more than pays for itself. It’s worth to emphasize that all board models with W-Connection are made of the best materials available, as well as using the latest technologies in Nobile Bielsko-Biała factory. The most important system in Nobile Splitboards is the APS Core Technology (Added Pre Stress by Nano Technology). It’s a Nobile patent, used in most of Polish producer’s products, as well as by other brands worldwide. In the process of forming the board inside the press the innovative technology of pre-stress is used. During this process the fibres of wooden wedge are permanently stretched into wavy form, thus storing the energy within the board’s core. As a result, we get comfortable yet dynamic, user-friendly board with optimal rigidity. This technology allows to use less materials, making the board lighter, compared to standard structures. Experienced kitesurfers, who pay a great attention to the board features, say that they don’t feel any difference between the classic board and the split one. Moreover, the Nobile “human concept” idea makes the boards’ parameters optimally designed , taking under consideration both human capabilities and limitations, in order to provide the maximum comfort and safety.

Nobile offers few models with W-Connection technology, or split:

  • Nobile Separa NHP Splitboard – Freestyle
  • Separa NHP Carbon Splitboard – Freestyle
  • Nobile Separa Flying Carpet Splitboard – Freeride
  • Nobile Separa Flying Carpet Carbon Splitboard – Freeride
  • Nobile Separa Infinity Splitboard – Wave
  • Nobile Separa Infinity Carbon Splitboard – Wave

For more information, visit Nobile’s website at www.nobilekiteboarding.com

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