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CABARETE, Dominican Republic””Riding on the successes of last year, Master of the Ocean organizers have just returned to the Dominican Republic from a North American and European tour to promote the MOTO event and recruit elite athletes for the next competition, scheduled to take place from February 23-28, 2015.

Photo by Tony Roberts - Master of the Ocean 2014 Takeoff Station, Playa Encuentro

Photo by Tony Roberts

Held annually in Cabarete and Playa Encuentro on the north shore of the Dominican Republic, Master of the Ocean features dozens of international, world-class athletes who compete in surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and standup paddle surfing. It is the world’s only competition that incorporates all four surf-related disciplines in search of the most complete watersport athlete, crowned Master of the Ocean.


Photo by Tony Roberts

Event founder Marcus Bohm visited Canada, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and the USA before returning to the Dominican Republic on July 15,2015 as part of the MOTO|Global Team Quest. Transportation was provided by Delta Air Lines, which also accommodated athletes and international media attending the 2014 Master of the Ocean competition. In the fall, the Global Team Quest will travel to Israel and South America.

“Our goal is to strengthen the position of the world’s Number 1 watersports event, looking for the most complete watermen and women to compete for the title on the Dominican north shore,” Bohm said.

Master of the Ocean Site, Encuentro Photo by Tony Roberts

Photo by Tony Roberts

Along the way Bohm is showcasing the north shore as an ideal watersports destination””and he would know, having left his hometown of Freiburg, Germany, nearly 25 years ago to embark on a global search for warm, coastal weather year-round. He found his watersports Eden in Cabarete, a former farming village that has become a global hub for extreme watersports.

Photo by Tony Roberts- Fiona Wylde Kite, Master of the Ocean Female Winner

Photo by Tony Roberts

“Cabarete and nearby beaches are a perfect playground for all watersports,” Bohm explained. “For example, the water is glassy in the morning, so it is very smooth for surfing and standup paddlesurfing. Then we have 15- to 20-knot, side-shore winds in the afternoon, which allows the most favorable riding for windsurfing and kitesurfing.”

Emmanuel Rondón 2 times Master of the OceanPhoto by Tony Roberts

Photo by Tony Roberts

The Master of the Ocean event, which Bohm launched in 2003 as the Ironman of Watersports competition, features 12 teams of four athletes per team (one for every discipline). The 16 overall athletes  who master all four disciplines then compete for the Master of the Ocean title, which in 2014 went to Zane Schweitzer of Maui, Hawaii (men’s) and Fiona Wylde of Hood River, Oregon (women’s).

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The 2015  Master of the Ocean event is supported by Delta, Powerade and the Dominican Ministries of Tourism. For more information and to register, visit the event website at www.masteroftheocean.com.