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2014 07-26 BOTG Am-50

The second day of the 2014 Bridge of the Gods Kite Festival kicked off on Saturday with warmer weather and lighter breezes as amateurs of all ages competed for over $10,000 in cash and prizes. From the grassy spectator knoll at Stevenson, Washington a crowd of 150 watched a diverse show of massive air, technical wakestyle tricks and unforgettable crashes. Up for grabs was the grand prize of a week long stay at Vela Resorts and a Best 12m TS kite as well as a deep selection of kiteboards and other gear by North, Naish, JN, Best, Slingshot, and Liquid Force as well as harnesses and backpacks by Dakine. Almost everybody walked away with a solid piece of kiting hardware.

Brendan Kerr throwing down in the men's final heat.

Brendan Kerr throwing down in the talent stacked men’s final heat.

The Men’s division was loaded with an incredibly talented group of boys and men between the ages of 15-34. The six-men final heat featured insane technical handle pass tricks by all contestants, starting fast and furious with the first move thrown by Lucas Arsenault, who landed a stylish 313 at the starting horn to take third place. Many of the boys could have competed in the Grom’s division but opted to compete in the men’s and pushed the competitive level through the roof, making for some hard calls by the judges. The top two positions in the men’s fjnal were divided by a razor slim margin. Brendan Kerr dropped a slim5, a blind judge and a KGB, but Chase Hasch answered Brendan’s heat with a perfectly executed blind judge, a slim chance with a board grab, and stoked the crowd with a heated double S-bend to blind.


Ashley Burnside scores second with her smooth style in the women’s division.

The Girl’s division was topped by Erin Mayer who nailed unhooked raley’s, a mixture of big airs and unhooked toeside rolls to revert to take home the girl’s top prize. The Grom’s division was owned by Anthony Gegare whose raley to blind earned him the top spot. The Master’s heat pumped up the crowd with some big air and OG moves as well as some new school unhooked tricks. Jan Boersma took the top of the podium with unhooked backroll kite loops, and massive big air tabletops. The heart and soul of BOTG, Carol Bolstad took a break from running the event and jumped in as the only women in the masters division and threw some crowd pleasing unhooked double backrolls.

Lucas Arsenault, Chase Hirsch, and Brendan Kerr take the mens podium

Lucas Arsenault, Chase Hasch, and Brendan Kerr take the men’s podium.

Stoke is a big part of the BOTG Kite Festival and this year the sportsmanship award when to Levi Roesler, son of kiteboarding pioneer Cory Roesler. The men’s best wipeout award was given to Sail Schechter and the women’s best wipeout went to Corrie Newfield.

Special thanks to title sponsors Best and Vela Kitesurf!

best vela




Men’s division
1) Chase Hasch
2) Brendan Kerr
3) Lucas Arsenault
4) Iñaki Gainza
5) Austin Keillor

Girl’s division
1) Erin Mayer
2) Ashley Burnside
3) Savannah Boersma

Grom’s division (Under 17)
1) Anthony Gegare
2) Ian Mount
3) John Michael Harmon

Master’s division
1) Jan Boersma
2) Isaac Shumaker
3) Allen Beeler

Sportsmanship Award: Levi Roesler

Men’s Best Wipeout: Sail Schechter

Women’s Best Wipeout: Corrie Newfield

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