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After four lay days with little to light wind conditions, the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational kicked off on Tuesday, June 3 with a late  3 PM start. On the table for the day was the slider portion of the competition with 38 riders from around the world competing.

Heats 1 – 2 were qualifiers & held in a jam format. There were 18 riders in each heat with 14 men and four women competing. Out of those heats, one woman and eight guys were eliminated.

Heat 3 was a bit more hectic. Twenty riders went out consisting of 14 men and six women. Out of the semis, two women and two men were eliminated.

The semifinals of Heat 4 was a men’s only elimination round with four guys getting eliminated. Brandon Scheid ripped off his thumbnail and had to get it taped, only to turn right back around and head out again on the water to finish his heat. The women also used this time for a warm-up session before their last heat of the day.

Heat 5 was the finals and started as the sun was setting on the horizon.Eight men and four women battled it out for the Sliders title including Sam Light, Brandon Scheid, Eric Rienstra, Craig Cunningham, Chad Worall, Billy Parker, Claire Lutz, Colleen Carroll, Sensi Graves and Lindsay McClure. Competition was fierce as everyone went for broke with the last traces of light fading and the minutes counting down on the clock. Results from the finals will be announced at the awards ceremony on Friday night.

Tuesday June 4 event: Slick

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