RRD Addiction
Sizes Available: 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18m
Sizes Tested: 16m

RRD Says:

The new Addictions MKIV are the new engines that will power the International Racing team around the world. Developed over 6 month of hard testing from 4 to 40 knots of wind over the most diverse water conditions, these kites deliver pure, constant, controllable power on demand and a great range of use.

The Addiction MKIV will give you all you need to forget about the equipment trim and simply concentrate on not making strategic mistakes while racing. One last thing: don’t forget that equipment speed will always help you, but you are the one to race and stay ahead of the others. Race well, results will come.

Visit for more info: https://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/shop/addiction-mkiii/


Our Testers Say:

“Turns well, impressive acceleration – love this kite, great for San Diego,” Gregg Vasilieff.

“Super high aspect ratio, middle of the road jumping and wingtips work best when pumped up very firm,” Jeff Quick.

“Love the race bar with the long tuning line, super stable and best suited for racing or cruising,” Marko Bartscherer.

TKB Says:

The Addiction is a high aspect 5-strut race design that worked great in the light winds of San Diego. The Addiction offers a large diameter inflation valve that requires the bigger nozzle that comes standard with all pumps, making inflation and deflation quick and easy. The Addiction features a double Ripstop trailing edge, three turning speed attachment settings on the wingtip, as well as two settings for the adjustable fixed front bridle which is long in length. Testers commented on the notably higher aspect shape of the Addiction and felt that this 16m generated the low-end power of a 17 or 18m kite. The Addiction like many higher aspect race kites offers middle of the road turning speeds but builds incredible power from the edge of the window with apparent wind. Testers found the Addiction to have good upwind ability and middle of the road boosting making it ideal for racing or freeride cruising.


The Addiction came with the Race Bar V2 which features an extra long trim rope for keeping the tuning control in your hand while riding. The Addiction’s bar features a push away quick release, plastic depower/throw line, center routed double center line safety depower, above bar tuning Clam Cleat, adjustable length bar ends (47, 56cm) and unique low stretch rigid thread flying lines. Testers liked the simple push away quick release, the race sheeting system and the overall clean yet functional layout of the bar.

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