Sizes Available: 152, 162cm
Sizes Tested: 162 x 46cm

Naish Says:

The Orbit is designed with a large surface area and low rocker for early planing and freeride fun in light wind conditions. The Orbit’s outline features Side-cut Rails that maximize the board’s surface area as well as the back foot grip. The bottom shape of the board has a unique asymmetrical double concave which helps induce early water release when edging and improves grip and planing stability. The Orbit’s impressive upwind ability is aided by an angled center fin which helps the board track with minimal drag.

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Our Testers Say:

“Goes upwind well, grips the water with a solid locked in feel, great for light wind places like San Diego,” Christopher Castillo.

“Planes up super early, flies upwind even in the most marginal conditions, pads are some of the most comfortable out there,” Jesse Efkins.

“The side-cut, substantial width and length make this as efficient light wind machine with intelligent flex that helps it’s larger size behave well in chop,” Brendan Richards.

TKB Says:

The 2014 Orbit is a dedicated light wind machine with interesting design features like subtle parabolic side-cut rails, a heelside rail fin and an asymmetrical double concave and a heelside offset stance. The Orbit features a wood core, carbon top and bottom, three holes for adjusting stance width and tons of adjustment for stance duck. Testers commented on how the Orbit’s flat rocker and wide tips make this board extremely easy to get planing in the lightest of conditions. The extra heel-side rail fin gives the Orbit substantial edging grip with impressive tracking which translates to really easy upwind ability.


The Orbit came with the Apex straps and pad system. Testers found the pad to be plush with substantial heel ridges and texture for a comfortable and stable footing. The X factor strap is a unique design which allows easy one-handed adjustment at four points for a very solid and all encompassing feel.

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