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Sizes Available: 15, 17m
Sizes Tested: 15m

CrazyFly Says:

The Cruze is our new big boy in the 2014 kite range which is a dedicated light wind kite, coming in only 15 and 17m sizes. Despite the larger size, the Cruze has only five struts. On the one hand, this makes it very lightweight for excellent performance in lower winds. On the other hand, the five strut construction makes the Cruze shape very solid and ensures easy relaunch in light wind and great stability in gusts.

The Cruze is also a great alternative for heavier riders. Due to its shape, the kite moves fast in the air and has great upwind performance. The Cruze has a direct feel, does not backstall, and delivers even distribution of power throughout the kite. It comes with 24m flying lines plus 3m and 6m extension flying lines to be added on in ultra light wind conditions. The 6m extension lines make a real difference in those super light sea breezes.

Visit for more info: https://www.crazyflykites.com/cf2014/kite.php?id=cruze


Our Testers Say:

“This fast turning, playful kite was noticeably smaller for a dedicated light wind kite, but overall it felt very responsive,” Jeff Quick.

“Great all around beginner light wind kite, it’s an amazing upwind cruiser, handled gusts well and overall a huge improvement over last year’s kite,” Clint Sterba.

“Incredible turning and powers up fast with high scores in all respects,” Greg Vasilieff.

TKB Says:

The CrazyFly Cruze is a 5-strut medium aspect kite that exceeded many of our tester’s expectations. The Cruze features the standard 9mm inflation/11mm dump valve, two turning speed attachment settings on the wingtip as well as a non-adjustable front bridle which is fairly long in length. The outboard struts feature an interesting kink near the leading edge, but the most standout feature noted by our testers was the Cruze’s on the water performance. With medium to light bar pressure, the Cruz earned solid praise for its fast turning and upwind performance in all but the lightest conditions. Testers praised the kite’s ability to accelerate as well as its fun and user-friendly boost and hangtime.


The Cruze comes with the Sick bar, a fixed length 55cm bar that is built entirely from carbon fiber and is made in the EU. The bar features a plastic push away quick release, above bar Clam Cleat, single center line safety, sliding stopper, comfortable rubber bar ends and an easy to use swivel above the quick release for untwisting center lines. The chicken loop was easy to reassemble with a guide built into the design, but closing the quick release required some finesse. Overall the bar is lightweight, simple and functional earning solid marks from our test riders.

Visit for more info on the bar: https://www.crazyflykites.com/cf2014/sick-bar.php