Sizes Available: 6, 8, 10, 12m
Sizes Tested: 10, 12m

Liquid Force Says:

With it’s ultra-flat, shallow profile, this third-generation NRG is built on an efficient four-strut platform, which lets the kite fly more forward in the window, offering superior upwind performance, fast sweeping turns, and exhilarating lift for mega air and solid low-end pull.

New for 2014 is our Low-profile Cascade Bridle, which features smooth power delivery, immediate response, direct connections, and it eliminates the possibility of wingtip-bridle wraps. And like all other Liquid Force kites, the NRG features durable construction, single-point Max Flow inflation and our super-safe CPR Control System. If you are looking for pure riding excitement in an easy-to-use package, then the NRG is your kite. From freestyle to freeride to kiting in surf, the NRG delivers all-out fun.

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Our Testers Say:

“Very easy kite to ride! Super stable, good wide range for gusty conditions and good bar pressure,” Evangeline Amores.

“Great kite for unhooking, excellent depower range, average turning speed and has good steady pull through turns,” Eric McAuliffe.

“Steady pull, consistent turns, good for wakestyle, powered loops and awesome graphics to impress the ladies,” Davey Beard.

Meet the 2014 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The NRG is a unique 4-strut high aspect freeride kite featuring a really solid build quality with good attention to detail and an overall feel of durability. The large diameter Max Flow valve is one of the fastest inflation systems on the market which makes setup quick and easy. The Max Flow does require a proprietary nozzle attachment but there’s a standard 9mm valve if you’re caught in a pinch. Testers were impressed with the NRG’s wide range, low end power and light to medium bar pressure with good bar feedback and overall hangtime in the jumps. Testers commented on the NRG’s average turning speed and found the kite builds solid power while flying forward at the edge of the window for excellent upwind ability. Testers recommend this kite for freeride and freestyle kiters looking for a kite that goes upwind well, offers large range and predictable jumping with impressive hangtime.

The NRG came with the fixed length (45, 50, 55cm) CPR Control Bar. It features a push away quick release, single center line safety depower, below bar tuning cleat, sliding stopper, above bar swivel and soft protective bar ends with integrated floats. Testers found the bar comfortable and like other below bar cleating systems, reviewers commented on the pros and cons. We found the cleat to work fine with appropriate technique and the design allows the tuning controls to stay within reach while providing the option for longer travel throw and an overall clean system. The chicken loop stays attached to the rider upon trigger of the quick release and is simple to reassemble and well designed with non-mechanical parts.

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