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F-ONE Bandit
Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10, 11m

F-One Says:

We are proud to present the new Bandit! With its legendary range and improved depower, this year’s Bandit provides an exceptional bar feeling with ultra direct steering and impressive hang time and flight capacity.

For 2014 we have significantly reduced lateral traction without compromising the available power for early planning and this has made the kite less physical to ride. The net result is that you have more control on your board to carve and edge. With upgraded double rip-stop TechnoForce fabric from Teijin, our new canopy material brings superior wearing strength and better control over the profile in flight due to increased stability.

With more than 80 prototypes tested, a new designer, new fabric and extensive team work, the new Bandit is the result of F-One’s dedication and passion to offer you a kite that will deliver exceptional performance for every session.

Visit for more info: https://en.f-onekites.com/#/Fone-Products/_Kites/Produit/_BANDIT.htm

Our Testers Say:

“I was surprised by how well the bigger sizes responded and went upwind really well yet had good drift. This is a great kite for the Gorge,” Cherie Costello.

“Great all around, fast turning, stable, really fun and user friendly,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Easy to boost, great lift with fast turning and quick flying speed with plenty of low end,” Dray Murray.

Meet the 2014 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The Bandit 7 continues as a 3-strut medium aspect delta kite that F-One markets as a kite that does it all. This year’s Bandit features new high quality canopy material, medium length bridles and design changes for more depower. Overall our testers were impressed by the Bandit’s quick turning speed, range, and ability to drift. With medium to light bar pressure, testers liked the steering response and felt the kite delivered predictable power through pivot style turns and was easy to initiate jumps with good lift. Testers praised the easy of use and responsive performance of the Bandit and recommended it for riders of all levels looking for a kite that will excel in freeride, freestyle and surfing in the waves.


The Bandit 7 came with the Monolith bar which is a fixed length bar (45 or 52cm) that is CNC milled out of an aluminum block and features a plastic depower/throw line, above bar Clam Cleat for tuning, and double center line safety and one sided Velcro quick release. The Monolith will see a mid-season upgrade in which the bar receives clear color coding and a push away quick release. The F-One bar is refreshingly simple and functional with medium length throw and controls well within reach. Testers commented on the noticeably shorter bar length relative to other bar/kite combos, but nonetheless the Bandit scored high in turning speed and steering response.

Visit for more info on the bar: https://en.f-onekites.com/#/Fone-Products/_Accessories/Produit/_MONOLITH-BAR.htm