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Great sound in a compact, water and IP5X dust resistant shell. Rechargeable, speakerphone, controls for tracks, volume and calls. Mounting options for handlebars, double stroller clip notch or even camera mounts.


We’ve been using the Turtle Shell throughout the summer and love this little guy. The sound is great and the compact size is easy to pack for trips to the beach. While you shouldn’t dunk it in water, it is resistant to the normal water splashes and grit you’d expect to experience at the beach. In the field, we’ve set it out on picnic tables and even left it laying in the sand by the campfire at night. At home, we left it on the kitchen windowsill and only needed to turn the power on and hit the play button for it to begin playing off the iPhone. Very convenient! The battery lasts for many days worth of  listening — saving users from a rat’s nest of unsightly wires. This is a bluetooth boombox, which avoids the potential hazard of having to lay a phone down where it is subject to unforeseen water damage.  When used with the new iPhone OS, playing music directly from the phone is a snap. Track and volume controls enable users to answer calls with the speakerphone then return to music offerings absolutely seamlessly. If music is a must in your life, the Turtle Shell is something you’ll want to consider. (Also note: on the subject of potential water damage to your phone, check out our review of the Waterproof Griffin + Survivor iPhone case).


Company Name: Outdoor Technology
Size: 5.5” x 4’ x 2.5”
Colors:  black, white, red, blue, green, pink and sea foam
MSRP:  $149.95
Where to Buy:  www.outdoortechnology.com