Slingshot Glide
Sizes Available: 160×40.6cm
Size Tested: 160×40.6cm

Slingshot Says:

Completely re-engineered for 2013, the new Glide feeds off of efficiency. With this efficient new shape, we’ve provided more surface area and created a longer rail line to get the most out of your light wind conditions. The refocused shape allows you to ride upwind easily while reducing spray. The more narrow outline positions your heels closer to the edge for more power and control. The Glide’s ultra light core and super durable sidewalls are built to keep you on the water with minimal wind and still have fun while everyone else is sitting on the beach.

Our Testers Say:

“An interesting shape that is long and feels narrow compared to the other boards we tested. The length may take a bit getting used to but the board planned up early, was easy to turn, and went upwind really well,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Comfortable straps and pads and great upwind performance. Loose and light feeling on the water,” Clint Sterba.

“Smooth ride and great upwind performance,” Ken Hunt.

TKB Says:

The 2013 Slingshot Glide is a long (160cm) twin tip with a square outline, flat bottom, and relatively flat rocker line. It features a full wood core and the Fastrack system that allows you to adjust the stance to your exact preference. Testers commented on the Glide’s great upwind performance, smooth ride, and good low-end performance. The Glide feels light on the water and easily slides through turns.


The Glide came with the Slingshot Bolt-On 4.0 pads and straps which install very easily to the Fastrack system. The strap and pad is a single unit that most testers found comfortable and easy to adjust. One disadvantage is that the Fastrack uses proprietary hardware, so carry spares in case you lose one of the fasteners.

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