Nobile XTR
Sizes Available: 140×46, 143x48cm
Size Tested: 143x48cm

Nobile Says:

The XTR was designed to extend your riding time at the lower end of the wind scale. Advantages of our high-performance all-arounder NHP were implemented into a slightly bigger board. As a result, the XTR excels with fantastic early planing, moderate flex pattern, outstanding upwind performance, and excellent grip that provides a smooth and easy ride, even when the wind barely blows. This model is a board of choice for everyone who prefers a twin tip to a directional in low wind conditions and for heavy riders looking for a tech-advanced board that will meet their needs.

Our Testers Say:

“Stable, smooth ride with great upwind performance,” Ken Hunt.

“Great looking board. Great light wind board that rockets upwind, has a lot of pop, and turns on a dime,” Clint Sterba.

“Very very comfortable board. I loved the flex and feeling of riding a flying carpet. It edges easily and goes upwind well,” Marko Bartscherer.

TKB Says:

The 2013 Nobile XTR is a wide board that features a wood and honeycomb core, ABS rails, and carbon and Kevlar reinforcements. This board’s fins install with a unique cam-lock screw that means you don’t need any tools to install or remove the fins. The XTR is relatively lightweight and has a lot of flex. Our testers commented on the great low end performance, smooth and forgiving ride, great upwind performance, and average pop.


The XTR uses the Nobile IFS Pro straps and pads which testers commented were comfortable and easy to install. You can use standard screws or cam-lock fasteners for a tool-free installation. The set also included a bright orange and very large center handle.

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