17m Gaastra Jet
Sizes Available: 7, 10, 13, 17m
Sizes Tested: 17m

Gaastra Says:

The Jet is Gaastra’s dedicated race kite. It is a no compromise design that pushes the rider to the next level. Based on the racing requirements the Jet performance is joy for everybody. Speed, rapid acceleration, and superior handling in this kite were mandatory for Kite Designer Urs Hungerbühler. The power is there when you need it and easy to shut off when you don’t. The perfect blend for racers and free riders alike. Based on the latest aerodynamics we have combined a new arc with a dynamic profile to deliver the best race kite available. The weight of the kite is minimized, while providing unmatched durability. When you want ultimate handling and power, the new Jet delivers.

Tester Comments:

“Relatively quick and light handling. Flew really far forward in the window and seemed to take a little more attention when riding than some of the other kites. Great upwind performance,” Marko Bartscherer.

“This kite shot upwind but the bar pressure was higher than I’m used to.” Peter Blawat.

“Feels super efficient going upwind and remains really stable in the lulls. Flies really far forward and takes a little more attention from the rider, but it rewards that attention with amazing light wind upwind performance,” Paul Lang.

TKB Summary:

The 2013 Jet is Gaastra’s race-specific kite. It’s a relatively high aspect 5-strut kite. The Jet was the only kite in our light wind test to not have a single inflation pump system. The rear bridle is adjustable to change the kite’s turning speed and bar pressure and the pullyless front bridle uses incredibly thin line to cut down drag.


Our testers commented on the Jet’s great stability, average turning speed, and amazing upwind performance. It flies very far forward in the window and seems to require a little more attention from the rider to get the best performance. Our testers also reported medium-high bar pressure and average jumping performance. While testers were able to relaunch the Jet every time it went down, they didn’t feel it relaunched as quickly as some of the other kites in the light wind test.

The Jet uses the Gaastra X2 Bar System. It features an above-bar trim adjuster, adjustable ends, and a unique push-away quick release that uses magnets instead of a small bungee cord to stay closed. On land this quick release felt overly easy to activate, but our testers reported no problems with it on the water. Our test kite shipped with 27m lines (21m plus two 3m extensions). This bar also features an adjustable depower throw and a clip to keep the excess depower line from tangling on other lines.



  • Amazing upwind performance, even in very light wind.
  • Very stable, even in big lulls.
  • Very good low end power.


  • The Jet demands more attention from the rider to get the best performance.
  • Some riders may be turned off by the lack of a single point inflation system.
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