Photo Dirk Gallian/JumpShot

Photo Dirk Gallian/JumpShot

Age: 25
Years Kiting: 5
Favorite Spots: La Ventana, New Zealand, Rum Cay, Stevenson, South Padre Island
Sponsors: Pro Leezure, Best, Transcend Apparel, Swish Suits, the Bolstads

Growing up near Yosemite National Park, Rachel began her adventures at a young age. She believes her time at the Waldorf School helped her develop an open mind, become an individual, and really focus on the artistic side of life. Rachel also attended San Diego State University where she studied music composition before moving to San Luis Obispo to attend Cuesta College. It was here that she met Sarah Wilson, and later the Gormley family, who would change her life forever.


  • Travel is the only thing you can spend money on that makes you richer.
  • Just send it!
  • There is a lot of luck in kiteboarding. If you want some good luck, launch or land someone’s kite before your session, local or not. We need to help each other.
  • Never get old and old will never get you!

When, where, and why did you start kiteboarding?
La Ventana in 2007. I moved there with the Pro Leezure crew and had no idea what kitboarding was or how it could change a life. Drinking Negro Modelo on the beach and watching everyone else ride got old, so there was only one thing to do and that was learn to kite. Thank you Shannon, Grom, and Sarah!

You’ve listed Pro Leezure as a sponsor. What is Pro Leezure?
We are a group of people that enjoy living at the speed designed for ultimate happiness. It’s a lifestyle that is meant for everyone, but one that not everyone is meant for.

You been heavily involved in events this year, winning the KB4C 6-hour relay and helping behind the scenes at Bridge of the Gods and the SPI Kite Round Up. How does being behind the scenes compare to being a competitor?
Being behind the scenes has helped me be a more calm and understanding competitor. As a competitor I know I’m going to have a blast, put on a show, and just give it 100%, plus I get to hang out and chill with all the amazing riders. Being involved back stage is well, completely the opposite. There are riders that need answers NOW, music that needs to be played 20 seconds ago, announcers that need names for heats that already started, and other tasks too weird to mention. So I guess either way you look at it, being part of the show kicks ass.

What are you currently working on?
Boots are so in right now and man-o-man, they rock! Boots are a fun new way to work on super powered, low wakestyle tricks. The real trick is sticking the passes while being so powered.

What do you think of racing? Do you think kiteboarding in the Olympics will have an impact?
Racing highlights a whole new aspect of kiting. An Olympic gold medal now dangles in front of us all, but there’s a real question that nobody is asking – Will there be boardshort regulations? If boardshorts are the preferred uniform what will they look like? Shiny gold and silver American flag boardshorts would rock! Although I think Bernie would look great in a speedo…

What is something you do outside of kiteboarding that most people wouldn’t know?
I’m a violinist and I love jazz music.

Where’s your dream destination?
It’s not about the destination, it’s about the trip. The planning, the travel, the new people, it’s all so exciting. With that said the dream destination is wherever we’re going this year ‘cause it’s going to be epic.

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