Slingshot Z
Sizes Available: 6, 9, 11, 13m
Sizes Tested: 9m

Slingshot Says:

The fresh, versatile “Spherical-C” design of the Z kite gives consistent pull with controlled power and unmatched versatility. Stable and predictable in virtually all conditions. Originally designed for new kiters, The Z has quickly gained a reputation for huge boosts with good control and effortless relaunch. The Z kite is loaded with the latest innovative features. However, it’s most important feature is the “plug and play” usability you will experience everyday. This includes features like our industry first pully-less bridle that delivers a direct feel, enhanced responsiveness, and unmatched upwind performance. Additional unique features like our Spherical-C Profile and Axis Wing Tip allow the kite to easily roll up off the water into relaunch. Like our other kites, the Z has been optimized for maximum range to suit all kinds of riding conditions.

Our Testers Say:

“Great range and responds really well to steering inputs. Easy boosting with plenty of hang time. Bar pressure was a little high even on the light setting and the bar grip felt really hard to me,” Dray Murray.

“Very stable, quick and direct handling, and good low-end power. Below-bar depower was hard for me to use,” Joe Bharat.

“Good power and responsive. Great stability and very easy to relaunch,” Walid Jomaa.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The 2013 Slingshot Z looks very similar to the 2012 version and is a 3-strut low-aspect kite. It is positioned as Slingshot’s price point kite and is available in a package with a board for a very competitive price. The rear lines are adjustable to change bar pressure and turning speed.

Our testers reported great stability, responsive handling, quick turning speed, medium-heavy bar pressure, and very easy relaunching. Compared to the Slingshot Rally the Z has heavier bar pressure and is more stable, but the Rally has better upwind and jumping performance.


The Z uses the Slingshot Z-Bar which is a very simple control system. It features a push-away quick release and below-bar trim cleat that our testers commented was a little difficult to use, especially when set at full power. Compared to the bar included with the Rally, there is no center line swivel and no adjustable stopper.


  • Great stability and very easy to fly.
  • Delivers a very steady pull.
  • Super easy to relaunch.


  • Bar pressure a little high for some riders.
  • Depower line can be a little challenging to trim, especially when overpowered.