North Jaime
Sizes Available: 130, 133, 136, 139cm
Size Tested: 136x41cm

Manufacturer’s Description:

The kiteboard that changed kiteboards forever! The Jaime was the first board to utilize the now ubiquitous snowboard technology you see in just about every board on the market. The Jaime still leads the way in terms of construction, utilizing a new carbon beam on the top and bottom, which allows us to save up to 10% off the weight and delivers more progressive flex and pop. This season the Jaime comes with an even more freestyle oriented outline for more aggressive unhooked freestyle performance. To keep the comfortable freeride roots, we scooped the board more and made the flex slightly softer. With 7 years of pedigree behind it the 2013 Jaime is the most refined board we build, the flex is comfortable, yet still allows riders to be aggressive. Carving is smooth and predictable thanks to the smooth outline and the double V shaped bottom gives excellent grip. Jaime Herraz defines a certain style of kiteboarding, his signature board emulates that style, strap in and ride like Jaime!

Tester’s Comments:

“Rode well with good pop, light and super smooth. Very responsive,” Pat O’Connor

“Nice looking board, very comfortable foot straps. Very nice to ride, great upwind performance, and easy to edge. A very plush ride,” Walid Jomaa.

“Cut through the water perfectly, felt like it had just the right amount of pop. Very forgiving but solid enough to edge hard and pop off the water,” Kirstyn O’Brien.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Summary:

The 2013 North Jaime features a moderate outline, double-V bottom, and a track system that allows you to adjust your stance to your exact preference. Our testers reported a very smooth, predictable, and stable ride, good jumping and upwind performance, and excellent turning. Overall our testers felt the Jaime will suit a wide range of riders and conditions very well.


Our test board included the North NTT Entity straps and pads which were very easy to install and adjust on the North track system. The pad and strap installs as a single unit and features two separate adjustment straps. Our testers commented that this was a very comfortable and easy to adjust system.


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