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CrazyFly Sculp
Sizes Available: 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10m

CrazyFly Says:

The Sculp is our high performance kite which is suitable for pretty much every rider. Completely re-worked and improved for 2013 it performs exceptionally well as an all-round freeride and freestyle kite. The new shape of this kite – with increased aspect ratio – provides more power, better hang time and increased lift. Through using the highest quality Dacron from Germany, Ripstop from Japan and from re-designing the shape of the struts, we were able to reduce the weight of the kite and significantly improve its performance. The new strut design also makes the kite fly faster and provides more pop, and the improved bridle line system and bar improvements result in quicker reactions and a more direct feel for the rider. The new bridle line system, including swim proof pulleys, is more durable and ensures even distribution of power throughout the kite. Put simply: The 2013 Sculp is better, faster and stronger.

Our Testers Say:

“Great low end power and responsive, pivotal turning. Great wind range and stable. I was really surprised by how much I liked this kite,” Dray Murray.

“Really fast handling, actually too fast for my liking. Great power and good jumping performance,” Joe Bharat.

“Quick turning with a very direct feel. Very easy to relaunch. Feels like a lot more low-end power than the 2012 version,” Paul Lang.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

For 2013 the CrazyFly Sculp is a medium-aspect 3-strut kite. Compared to the 2012 version it is higher aspect and has a new bridle configuration. Our testers commented on the Sculp’s fast and direct handling, easy relaunch, and great stability. They also reported good low end power and good upwind and jumping performance.


The Sculp uses the CrazyFly Sick bar which is an all-carbon bar 100% produced in Europe. It features a push-away quick release, below-bar swivel, adjustable stopper, soft ends, and a simple above-bar depower cleat. Our testers liked the simple layout and light weight of the bar, but also commented on the safety line. It follows one front about halfway to the kite but is slightly distracting while riding as it has a little bit of slack in it.


  • Fast, responsive, and predictable handling.
  • Good low-end power.
  • Easy relaunch.


  • The Sculp can feel a little punchy in gusty winds.
  • Safety line follows one of the front lines but has some slack in it.