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Photo Lukas Nazdraczew

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Most of the changes to Nobile’s 2013 line represent refinements that improve upon construction and performance. Additionally, Nobile switched kite production to Sri Lanka, which they say has afforded them higher levels of quality control. Nobile is especially excited about the introduction of the new 50FiftyWake edition which rounds out their extensive 2013 board collection. Maciek Waclawczyk fills us in on what is coming from Nobile in the new year.

Kite Name Sizes Stock Line Length Target Date Available
50Fifty 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14m 23m Freestyle/freeride/wave Now
T5 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14m 23m Freeride/wave/freestyle Dec. 2012
Breeze 16m 23m light wind Feb. 2013
Training 3.5m 23m First-timers, kite schools Now

Nobile rolled out the 50Fifty kite in 2012 and modified the T5 Koinobori. What changes were made for the 2013 kites and what type of rider and conditions are best suited to each?

The 50Fifty is a hybrid C-kite that has a wider arc than other kites with quite a large flat surface area at the top of the canopy. It’s a fun kite dedicated to all freestyle and new-school enthusiasts. It’s fast and features excellent unhooked performance. Lift and pop combined with constant power and nice pull during the whole turning process makes it a perfect kite for all freestyle and new school riders.

Even bigger sizes of the kite feature amazing turning speed. Unlike some other freestyle focused kites, Nobile’s 50Fifty also features great stability and a direct feeling, which makes it a great kite for freeriding and wave riding too. The 50Fifty is ideal for anyone who is not too worried about absolute wakestyle performance, but wants something with all around high performance. Riders who are just starting the kiteboarding experience should also not be afraid of this kite. Even though it’s a high performance model, it still features super fast relaunch and is easy to control.

The T5 (for 2013 we get back to the simple name without “Koinobori” in it) is a three-strut versatile kite that works best for freeriding and wave riding. The T5 stands out with excellent all-terrain ability, tight pivotal turns, and good depower. All our 2013 models are now made in Sri Lanka. Changing the production facility has helped us to gain the highest quality for our products.

2013 Nobile Fifty50

For 2013 Nobile discontinued the N62 which was an all-around kite for beginner to intermediate riders. What kite would best suit a kiter’s needs now who is just starting out?

The T5 is definitely the best kite for improvers. It features superior control and perfectly balanced bar pressure. The relaunch of this kite is very fast and super easy. This kite’s design works well for all riders: beginners, improvers, and experts like Nobile team rider Jose Luengo. It helps riders develop their skills in all conditions. Best for freeride and wave, the T5 will also work as a freestyle kite for everybody working on new tricks. The T5 is a perfect choice for everybody looking for a versatile kite that will last for years.

Nobile introduced a light wind kite in 2012, the Breeze, which originally was also going to be a race kite. What changes were made to the 2013 model and any plans for race-specific gear from Nobile?
The Breeze is our latest model that is just about to hit shops.

This kite is dedicated for light wind conditions, but thanks to its features like lightweight construction, excellent agility and huge lift, it may be also used for racing. We’re now working on a race-specific kite line.

Photo Lukas Nazdraczew

Were any changes made to Nobile’s control system?

Our 2013 control bar is new and is now made of carbon fiber with an aluminum center. It’s now also stiffer and harder than the previous version. The 2013 Barstick is unbreakable but still lightweight. To prevent it from moving or detaching, the bar ends are secured by long stainless steel screws. The plastic buckle is now changed to a metal one. A new grip with finger slots makes the bar comfortable and secure in handling.

2013 Nobile T5

Briefly describe changes made to your 2013 twin tip line and what each board excels in.

The Nobile 2013 collection is one of the most comprehensive kiteboarding product lines on the market. No matter if you’re hardcore new schooler, dedicated freerider, wave tamer, wake park enthusiast, advanced rider, or beginner you will find appropriate equipment in Nobile’s line.

Since the beginning, Nobile has been on a constant search for an ideal and harmonious board flex. It’s no different in 2013. All boards in the new collection are a bit stiffer in the middle to improve the pop and make landings even more secure. We’re also constantly improving our unique pre-stressing technology. The most well-rounded edition of this innovative construction may be found on our flagship models under the name APS (Added PreStress).

If you’re looking for top-of-the-shelf freestyle equipment, you should definitely put your eyes on the 50Fifty board and kite. This setup is the gear of choice for this year’s PKRA’s rockers – Eudazio Da Silva and Carlos Madson from Brazil. These guys have just started to compete on the world tour, but thanks to their awesome skills, extraordinary talent, and great equipment they’re already perceived as some of the world best riders. For 2013, the 50Fifty also comes as a wake-specific board. The 50Fifty Wake Edition is equipped with all the features necessary to rock the cable park with satisfaction and fun.

Non-radical freestylers should pay attention to the 2013 NHP. This famous model is one of the most versatile boards on the market. After adding Nobile’s patented PreStress technology last year, for 2013 the NHP’s outline has been redesigned to improve its pop and optimize the board’s performance. If it’s speed and grip you’re looking for, the 2HD will make your day.

This board has a unique double-profiled bottom and has been equipped with a novelty – PreStress Nano technology. This construction is an evolution of PreStress with amazing flex management, pop, and control over the board. Last but not least, we cannot forget about the T5. This classic freeride model gained a more aggressive look and will get you noticed at your spot, especially if you get the red color scheme.

Were any changes made to the twin tip boards designed specifically for women?

Nobile’s 2013 kiteboard line features two models designed especially for women’s needs: the T5 WMN and NHP WMN. The T5 model is the perfect all-around freeride platform. Power blends with control and speed with maneuverability in one single board. This model is the best board for intermediate female riders looking for an easy-to-ride board that will help them progress and learn new tricks. The T5 WMN features a softer flex than the standard T5 to allow better and smoother response. The NHP WMN is a more advanced, freestyle-focused kiteboard for ambitious female riders.

The flex and channels combine to give the board a very smooth and easy ride plus impressive top speed. NHP WMN also features extraordinary pop and amazing ability to go upwind. In the 2013 series, the outline of the board was redesigned. To provide even bigger pop and better grip, the heel side is now longer than the previous model. Compared to regular versions, female models feature softer flex (requires less effort to handle) and narrower stance options to provide extra versatility and comfort.

Photo Lukas Nazdraczew

Nobile offers three boards for light wind: The Flying Carpet, the XTR, and the Skim board. Were any changes made for 2013 and how would a rider choose what model is best for him or her?

The XTR is a performance-oriented freestyle twin tip, best for intermediate and advanced riders looking for outstanding upwind performance, excellent grip, and huge pop. The advantages of our flagship all-arounder, the NHP, were implemented into a slightly bigger board, and so came the XTR. This model is dedicated to everyone who prefers a twin tip to a directional in low wind conditions and for heavy riders looking for a tech-advanced board that will meet their needs.

The Nobile Skim board is a perfect addiction to the quiver bag for everybody who wants to practice skateboard tricks on the water and have fun on small waves. Dedicated to advanced riders, this board is a perfect introduction to strapless riding and helps to explore new areas of kiteboarding. The Flying Carpet is the biggest twin tip in the line, dedicated for beginners and kite schools. This extremely light wind board allows you to go riding even when the wind barely blows. Thanks to the PreStress technology, the Flying Carpet is easy to ride and really light.

Board Name Sizes Type Target Date Available
50Fifty 134, 139, 140, 141cm Twin New School/Wakestyle Now
2HD 131, 134, 137cm Twin Freeride Now
NHP 128, 131, 134, 137cm Twin Freestyle Now
T5 128, 131, 134, 137, 140cm Twin Freeride Now
50Fifty Wake Edition 134, 138, 141cm Twin Wake/Cable Park Now
NHP WMN 128, 131cm Twin Freestyle Now
T5 WMN 129, 131cm Twin Freeride Now
XTR 140, 143cm Twin High performance light wind Now
Flying Carpet 160cm Twin light wind Now
Skim 130, 139cm Skim Skate-inspired fun Now
Infinity 5’1”, 5’4”, 5’7”, 6’1” Surf Waves Now

Nobile introduced a new wave board for 2012 designed by three time wave KPWT world champion Jose Luengo. Can we expect any changes on this board for 2013?

For 2013 the stiffness of the Infinity was improved, so the feeling is now much similar to a regular surf board. Additionally, the entire deck is now covered with EVA foam.

Has anything changed on Nobile’s NHP Snowkite board?

Our board was the very first on the market with construction designed especially for snowkiting. This is not an ordinary snowboard with a kiteboarding brand badge. The NHP Snowkite features patented Snake Transition technology that creates a comfortable ride without being forced upwind all the time. It provides extraordinary grip, both on toe and heelside edges, and allows you to hold more speed, especially when going upwind while still maintaining fun flex and nice pop.

Just to give you an idea of how our Snowkite board works, the total surface of the 157cm Snake Transition board equals the surface of a standard 176cm board. The improved flex allows the 20 meter sidecut radius board to turn even better than the common one with a 7.3 meter radius. Bigger sidecut radius equals more surface between the feet. It means a short board with more sidecut radius may have the same surface as much longer, commonly shaped one. It’s a perfect solution especially for riding backcountry and fresh powder.

Photo Lukas Nazdraczew

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your 2013 lineup?

All wakeboarding and cable parks enthusiasts should pay attention to the latest addition to our line – the 50Fifty Wake Edition. This board was designed to attack kickers and sliders. Radical and aggressive, this model features wake-specific flex and shape combined with a durable but easy to repair base. Another novelty in our 2013 line is our new Training Kite. This 3.5m classic 4-line kite is a perfect introduction to kiteboarding. The kite is super stable in the air and really easy to control and relaunch. It also features a reinforced construction (all the crucial points of the kite including canopy, leading edge, tips, and valves area were reinforced) that makes it super durable.

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