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Photo Ben Wilson/MysticBoarding.com

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The popular line of Mystic harnesses has received a complete update for 2013 with the introduction of new models and a line of crossover harnesses that can be used for both kiteboarding and windsurfing. An interesting product for 2012 is the 2Face wave-specific harness. Gerrit Albetski answered our questions about the extensive 2013 lineup of Mystic products.

It looks like the 2013 line of Mystic Harnesses received a big update. What’s the idea behind the crossover harnesses? What is different about them that makes them suited for windsurfing or kiteboarding?

With the new Multi-Discipline concept, Mystic has answered the requests of a large target group who want to both windsurf and kitesurf. In order to be used with both disciplines, these harnesses are equipped with the MultiClicker 3.0 spreader bar system and have the optional HP (Handle Pass) loop for your leash attachment and a knife.

The shape and angle of the MulitClicker 3.0 works well for hooking into a chicken loop or harness line while the four-point fixation keeps downward tension to keep the spreader bar from riding up for kiting.

The line is really extensive – how many harnesses are there?

There are 14 different models and if you count the Men’s, Women’s, Windsurf, Pro Model, Waist, and Seat models separately then you could say 27.

What is the biggest change in the harnesses from 2012 to 2013?

Nearly the entire line of Mystic harnesses is brand new for 2013. New technology such as memory foam, MultiClickerbar 3.0, 360° molds, and a new look have brought a lot of attention to the lineup.

What are the main differences between the new Majestic and the Warrior?

The Warrior has been the best selling and most comfortable harness in the Mystic Collection since day one. The 2013 version is even more comfortable. It’s had a stylish makeover and the addition of the high-tech, low-torque MultiCickerbar 3.0 will undoubtedly make the harness another killer product.

The Majestic has some similarities to the Warrior like the MultiClickerbar 3.0 which holds the hook firmly in position and also prevents it from tilting upwards. With the improved Spreader Down System (SDS) the spreader bar now releases completely in one click. The Majestic harness has added technical features such as memory foam back support, 360° pre-shaped back support mold, and safety HP fixed system.

Photo Rogier Jaarsma/deepthoughtproductions.com

The new asymmetrical 2Face harness is a very unique product. What’s the thinking behind this harness?

The 2Face Wave harness has been co-designed by the Mystic team riders. It is the first harness in the kite market that is 100% dedicated to wave riding. It is called the 2Face for its asymmetrical design that has been developed for both regular foot and goofy foot wave riders. The specialized slider bar allows for maximum freedom of movement while kitesurfing.

How is the Youri Zoon Pro different from the Shadow?

World Champ Youri Zoon released his first signature harness last year. Last year’s version was based on the Mystic Shadow harness and the 2013 model is based on the Mystic Artistic harness with the addition of the fixed HP system and of course Youri’s own color scheme.

With so many harnesses to choose from, what’s the best way for riders to find the best one for them?

Every person is built differently and has different needs based on their riding style, body shape, and the type of support needed. The best option is to visit your nearest Mystic dealer to try several harnesses on and lean on a rope or bar to see how the harness feels. A harness’s goals are to feel comfortable, resist riding up, provide a proper level of support, and protect your back. For those who do not have this accessibility you should start by calling a Mystic dealer for additional advice to narrow down the harness line to fit your specific needs. Each harness has unique characteristics to fit every body type and riding style.

For example, the Code 1 waist harness offers the BOA micro adjustment system for anatomical back support. Once the harness is positioned and the side straps tightened down you can adjust the easy-to-use dial on the back of the harness to push the back plate in towards your body and also suck the sides of the harness in to eliminate any space while conforming to the shape of your torso. Many kiters refer to this harness as being a “no ride up” waist harness.

The harness fits so perfectly it has nowhere to go and stays in place like it should. The Shadow and Artistic waist harness have a slightly narrower outline when compared to the Code 1, Warrior, or Majestic. Smaller riders or thinner body types find that this outline seems to allow a greater range of motion and more comfort. The Artistic has a softer feel for those who do not need such a rigid support and would favor more comfort for longer sessions.

Are there any big changes to the wetsuit line for 2013?

Yes, the Mystic wetsuit line is constantly evolving and improving based on R&D feedback from our world-class team riders like Youri Zoon, Ruben Lenten, Marc Jacobs, and Bruna Kajiya. For 2013, the top-shelf Majestic wetsuit is available with either a front or back zip entry system.

The Majestic is fully loaded with all the bells and whistles including standout features such as 100% M-Flex featherlite superstretch neoprene (20% lighter than standard neoprene), ISO-prene air pocket mesh panels to promote core warmth, 100% sealed liquid taped S-Seams, Teddyprene plush thermal lining, Polygiene antimicrobial treatment, Aquaflush ankle drain vents, and PK waterproof zippers. The Majestic comes in three solid flashy colors and certainly makes a statement in the water. It’s available in 5/4mm, 4/3mm, and 3/2mm thicknesses.

For those looking for a solid high-end suit without the flash and dash, the Voltage Back Zip Series returns for 2013. Available only in black with accent colors, the Voltage maintains a core surf silhouette. It features waterproof glued, blind-stitched, and colored liquid taped S-Seams, a Teddyprene thermal lining, full PK watertight back zip with backup shield gusset, and 100% M-Flex superstretch neoprene for unlimited flexibility. The Voltage is offered in 6/5/4mm, 5/4mm, and 4/3mm thicknesses. The Voltage 6/5/4mm Crosstech features skin rubber on the chest, back, shoulders, and arms for core warmth and chill-blocking in very cold conditions.

The Diva Women’s Series offers the same high-end features as the men’s Majestic line. It is loaded with features including 100% M-Flex superstretch neoprene with Featherlite foam, ISO-prene air pocket mesh panels to promote core warmth, 100% sealed liquid taped S-Seams, Teddyprene plush thermal lining, Polygiene antimicrobial treatment, Aquaflush ankle drain vents, and PK waterproof zippers. The Crossfire Series continues to cater specifically to the wake/kite consumer with aggressive styling, shin padding to protect from board impacts, 60% M-Flex superstretch neoprene, and a full PK waterproof back zip with overhead flush gusset for easy entry/exit while providing a watertight seal. The Crossfire is offered in 6/5/4mm, 5/4mm, 4/3mm, and 3/2mm thicknesses. The Crossfire 6/5/4mm Crosstech version features skin rubber on the chest, back, shoulders, and arms for core warmth in brutally cold conditions.

Finally, the Star Series offers a great sealed full suit option at an affordable price without compromising on Mystic quality. Star full suits feature waterproof sealed glued and blind-stitched seams, 40% M-Flex neoprene, PK waterproof back zip entry with backup gusset, and Teddyprene plush interior panels. The Star offers more flash for your cash! It’s available in 5/4mm, 4/3mm, and 3/2mm thicknesses in both men’s and women’s styles.

Photo Rogier Jaarsma/deepthoughtproductions.com

What are some of the standout features of the 2013 Mystic wetsuits?

Mystic is committed to making the most technical wetsuits in the water. The High Voltage, Diva, Voltage, and Majestic lines offer insane flexibility, warmth and movement so the rider can reach their full potential in any weather conditions without the restrictions of a bulky wetsuit.

Additionally, our high end suits (the Majestic, Diva, and High Voltage Series) feature our new Polygiene Stay Fresh Technology, an antibacterial treatment infused into the interior lining. This inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the fabric of the wetsuit and provides each wetsuit with permanent odor control. The result? No more stinky wetsuits! Also, these suits feature liquid taped, glued, and blind-stitched S-Seams, which create a waterproof barrier against unwanted water exchange. Finally, we utilize Featherlite neoprene in these suits, which is 20% lighter and warmer than standard wetsuit neoprene. The result is the warmest and most flexible wetsuits on the market for completely unrestricted riding.

Most people believe Mystic only makes high end wetsuits, but this is not true. While we do offer many high-end wetsuit products, we actually offer a wetsuit for every level and budget. From the entry-level Star Series to the flagship Majestic Series, we have a wetsuit for every rider. Check out an authorized Mystic dealer for more information on our extensive waterwear line.

Mystic also has a huge apparel line that seems to grow every year. What are some of the highlights for 2013?

Mystic has been creating apparel and lifestyle products for more than five years. In 2013 the collection has taken an amazing path towards everyday comfort and style and while still keeping the roots to the core sports. The collection stands proud on its own in some of the biggest apparel shops worldwide.

Ruben Lenten, Youri Zoon, and Bruna Katjiya have their own name and signature on certain models. The men’s and women’s designs for spring, summer, and winter create a great compliment to the waterwear lines. Take a look at the apparel catalog and see for yourself!

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