2013 Slingshot Tyrant WVX (left) and EPX (right)

2013 Slingshot Tyrant, Available in 5’8″, 5’11”, 6’1″, $779 (EPX) – $879 (WVX)

From the Manufacturer:

The Tyrant is a true high performance short board that does it all. It has a deep single to double concave and a “pulled in” squash tail that makes the Tyrant sharp and more forgiving in all surf and wind conditions. For this year’s model Slingshot introduced a new insert layout for easier strap installation and our industry-compatible high impact fin system provides extra protection and lets you put more power in your wave riding. Ask anyone who’s been on the Tyrant, it’s the perfect balance of incredible high performance and long lasting durability.

Slingshot’s description of the EPX and WVX constructions:


EPX is Slingshot’s new construction design that combines our latest laminated sandwich construction with our high end EPS foam core and our new Fluid X Vibration Dampening System. This combination creates a high performance board that is strong and easy to use. The EPX construction also features our new graphic technology that incorporates vivid colors making the board a true piece of art. The EPX construction is an ideal option for riders looking for a durable board with the latest technology to improve their riding.


WVX construction is built with layers of bamboo wood, resin, and weaved lightweight fiberglass combined with a strong EPS core. During each layering step vacuum bagging techniques are used to enhance the bonding strength. Proprietary to Slingshot, this construction controls the durability and flex of the board. The result is a proven lightweight, impact resistant board. A final layer of glass provides the highest fit and finish of any kite surfboard on the market. WVX construction features our Fluid X Vibration Dampening System for an unrivaled smooth ride. These lightweight boards are the next step in the evolution of kite surfboards that deliver the perfect balance between performance and durability with elegant styling.

Check https://ride.slingshotsports.com/kiteboarding/surf for more info.

From TKB:

While in Hood River, Slingshot handed us two brand new 2013 Tyrant surfboards to test. Both boards were 5’11” x 19” x 2 1/2”. The only difference in the two boards is the construction. The bamboo version features Slingshot’s WVX construction while the white board uses their EPX construction.

The boards also come with different fins. The WVX board includes fiberglass fins while the EPX version comes with molded plastic fins. The retail price of the EPX is $100 less than the WVX.

Both boards share the exact same shape, but differences between how the boards ride were very noticeable.

Both versions offer inserts for straps and a front and back traction pad. We tested both boards without straps. Both versions of the Tyrant are very stable and forgiving boards. Both the WVX and EPX Tyrants felt smooth through the chop but the WVX board seemed a little smoother to our testers.

The Tyrant is forgiving enough for riders who have never been on a directional board before. Jibes and tacks are very forgiving and easy to pull off even in very choppy conditions.

Both of our testers commented the WVX Tyrant felt much more responsive and lively compared to the EPX version. The different fins also made a big difference in their handling through turns.

With its fiberglass fins, the WVX had a lot more drive through turns and it was easier to keep speed through turns. The plastic fins on the EPX Tyrant offered less drive and speed through turns and made that board feel a little looser than the WVX.

The Verdict:

Both versions of the Tyrant are smooth-riding, stable boards that offer enough performance to keep experienced kitesurfers satisfied while being forgiving enough for first-time surfboard riders. These are good all-around performance kite surfboards that will work well for a lot of riders in a lot of conditions. The WVX version has a noticeably more lively feel than the EPX.

The WVX also offers more drive through turns and a better release from the water for strapless airs. We recommend the EPX version for first time kitesurfers and strapped riders and feel strapless riders will appreciate the more lively feel of the WVX Tyrant.


  • The Tyrant seems to like a wide stance. Don’t be afraid to get your front foot up to the forward edge of the front pad.
  • Add another traction pad or wax to the middle of the board so you don’t slip off the board if you put your foot there.


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