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The only sliding spreader bar that allows you to use your full range of motion to attack waves like never before without having to unhook.$88 to $195, https://www.321kiteboarding.com (US importer) or https://jaystore.eu.

The Dynabar V7 Sliding Spreader Bar is a very unique piece of gear to add to your harness. It replaces your standard spreader bar with one that slides from side to side.

Our staff received two Dynabars to test that were installed onto DaKine and Mystic harnesses. The Dynabar was easy to install, but we had to give up the option of a quick release on the Mystic harness. Dynabar offers an optional webbing quick release you can purchase if you don’t want to thread the webbing each time you ride.

The Dynabar V7 with the ProWave Slider.

The Dynabar v7 is able to be configured in a number of different ways which took a little time to figure out as it came without useful instructions and there is little info online about the different setups. The US importer 321 Kiteboarding was very helpful in answering our questions about how to set up the Dynabar.

We tested the Dynabar in two different configurations, first with the metal ProWave slider and then rigged with a spectra slider. Our testers used the Dynabar in the surf for the test.

While riding, the Dynabar allows your harness hook to slide from one hip to the other as your body position changes. This feels strange at first, especially with the ProWave slider. The metal slider has small bends in it so the hook rests in specific places.

Both of our testers reported that it felt odd when the hook would slide from one position to another, but this is something that you probably get used to over time. When used with the spectra slider, the motion is much smoother and this was the preferred setup for both testers in the waves.

The Dynabar with the spectra slider.

Allowing your harness hook to slide from side to side opens up your range of motion and our testers were surprised how much of a difference it made to toeside riding. Because the kite is pulling from your hip, toeside riding feels much more natural as you don’t have to fight the kite to position your body correctly.

Our testers were also pleasantly surprised to find that the Dynabar made walking on the beach and body dragging easier by moving the kite’s pulling force to the side.

Our testers found walking and body dragging easier with the Dynabar.

During turns on the wave, you can feel the pull of the kite shift from side to side and it feels like this makes it easier to position your body in different ways while riding waves.

At first, the sensation of the kite’s pull moving from one side to the other caused a few stuffed bottom turns, but our testers quickly became used to it and began to enjoy the increased freedom it offers to your body positioning.


  • Try the different options available on the Dynabar. They make a big difference in how it feels.
  • Keep your hands clear of the slider when riding.
  • Give it some time as it might feel strange at first.


  • Makes toeside riding much easier.
  • Allows more range of motion while riding waves.
  • Makes body dragging back to your board easier.


  • Takes time to get used to and figure out the best setup for your riding style.
  • Adds a number of moving parts to your harness that must be checked for wear and maintained.

The Verdict:

Both our testers really liked using the Dynabar in the waves, especially after switching to the spectra slider. Our goofy-footed tester felt the Dynabar made it much easier to ride frontside without having to fight the kite. It does take some time to get used to, but the Dynabar definitely allows your body to move more freely when compared to a static spreader bar.