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Epic 3G (2012)

As opposed to referring to products by model year, Epic has decided to refer to products by generations. This is the year of the 3G (Third Generation) line of Epic products. New for this year are two brand new surfboards, the Judge C-Kite, and a 13m Limited Edition Renegade. Epic’s Dimitri Maramenides filled us in on what we can expect from the latest line of Epic gear.

This year the Epic Kites are being referred to as 3G (Third Generation) models. Does this mean Epic won’t be referring to products based on model years?

You can call it 2012, 2013, or even 2019 if you want, but from now on we will call them by generations. In the past few years, Epic has provided amazing and innovative products to riders of all styles. These innovations were based on rider feedback, passion, and desires. By the riders, for the riders! We are looking at kite development a little differently, and the results are truly exciting. We see no value to the rider in using a model year on kites. We make the best gear, and sometimes we’re so excited we bring it out as soon as possible without regard to what other companies are doing, like the Renegade 13m Limited Edition for example. We couldn’t keep it all to ourselves, so it was released early. On the other hand, sometimes our ideas take a little more time to refine, like the new Judge C-kite which is just now being introduced mid-season. All of our kites have new concepts applied and a very fresh unique look. As a matter of fact, the graphics on our kites are pretty awesome. Check them out!

Photo courtesy Epic Kites

New in the line is the Judge C-Kite. Where does this kite fit into the line? Is this kite only for advanced-level riders?

A few people have been asking us to up come with a C-kite. We have been working on the Judge for at least 13 months and finally came up with a C-kite that is even better than the old generation kites. Anybody can use the Judge because we made it to be very friendly, but it’s a totally different kite than the Renegade and Screamer. If you are into wakestyle, powered moves, and wave riding you will enjoy the Judge. It has the pop but not as much hang time compared to the Renegade and Screamer, and some riders want this so they can do their wakestyle tricks low to the water.

Please describe the target rider for each of the 3G models.

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