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Core 2012

Core Kiteboarding is a subsidiary company of Hiss-Tec Fehmarn, which also owns Carved, a German custom board company. The complete Carved team along with input from some of Germany’s best riders help Core in the design and development of their kites. Now with distribution in the United States through 7 Sins Kiteboarding in California, Marketing Manager Philip Schinnage answered our questions about Core’s 2012 kites and new Sensor control bar.

Core has two kites in its 2012 product line up, the Riot XR2 and the GTS. Are the changes for 2012 significant or smaller refinements?

According to our product cycle, the GTS remains the same for 2012. The XR2 is the new generation of the legendary Riot XR Crossride kite and comes with significant changes. Due to the Intelligent-ARC, an optimized profile for early planing and easy upwind ability, the XR2 offers on-demand massive airs and endless hang time. Fast turning and maneuverability go back to the new tip geometry while absolute linear and direct kite feedback along with perfect auto relaunch can be attributed to the improved delta design. The all-arounder has also upped its game in the waves. The kite is even easier to steer when fully depowered. It comes with our Core Speed Valve, a true innovation when it comes to one-pump systems. It will get you onto the water more quickly, guaranteed.


Why would you recommend a rider choose the GTS over the Riot XR2?

The GTS is orientated towards the progressive freestyle and new school rider, hooked and unhooked, who demands a more aggressive kite. Wave riders will relish the GTS’s ability to steer when depowered. Riders who love to go huge but don’t unhook very much and want a more forgiving kite will probably like the XR2 better.

Core has a new release for 2012, the Riot XR2 LW. Why is it in its own special category and not just larger kites within the Riot line up?

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