October 1, 2011 — Le Morne, Mauritius: Bringing the first of three KSP Kite Surfing World Tour stops to a close, today concluded the One Eye Pro.

Rider: Laurent Le Bolloch (MRU), Photo: John Bilderback

With an 11-foot swell at 17 seconds forecast for the day, today started off with a Local’s Expression Session for the resident riders. KSP competitors and staff watched from the judge’s tower, cheering on the 17 locals during the hour-long heat. Laurent Le Bolloch (MRU/Le Gall/North) won the event by showcasing excellent top-to-bottom riding on the 10- to 15-foot-plus wave faces.

One last expression session for the pros followed — the Super Session. Given the variable wind conditions, most of the KSP riders were unable to make it out to the One Eye break. However, reigning Kite Surfing World Champion Guilly Brandao (Brazil) hit the water early and scored the entire stage to himself.

Putting on a mind-blowing show, Brandao demonstrated why he is a top contender for the 2011 World Championship Kite Surfing title. When one of the biggest sets of the entire KSP One Eye Pro rolled in, Brandao positioned himself on a 20-plus-foot set wave. As he dropped into the bomb Brandao ditched his kite and surfed the wave all the way through to the channel. Once his kite was retrieved by the Coast Guard Brandao went on to pull into, hands down, the biggest barrel of the entire tour stop. Needless to say, the uncontested Brazilian won the Super Session.

As the conditions later stabilized, a pack of KSP riders joined Brandao on the water for a final photo shoot in the massive 15- to 20-foot waves. The awards ceremony took place later in the evening and a beachside party followed. Please find the full list of results of the 2011 Mauritius One Eye Pro below.

The KSP Mauritius One Eye Pro 2011 is sponsored by the Indian Resort & Spa, MTPA (Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority), Air Mauritius, Mauritours, Le Gall, Habit, Club Mistral and Silent Partners. The KSP World Tour is supported by ION and Vitamizzer.

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RESULTS — 2011 KSP Mauritius One Eye Pro


1st place: Airton Cozzolino (Italy/North)

2nd place: Mitu Monteiro (Cabo Verde/F-One)

3rd place: Mauricio Pedreira (Brazil)

4th place: Jesse Richman (Hawaii)


5th place: 

Sky Solbach (USA/North)

Bruno Bordowsky (Brazil)

Juan Pablo Diban (Chile)

Patri McLaughlin (Hawaii/North)

9th place:

Marc Ramseier (Switzerland)

John Amundson (Hawaii/North)

Oswald Smith (South Africa)

Max Bonieux (Mauritius/North)

13th place:

Jeremie Eloy (France/North)

Patrick Desvaux (Mauritius)

Guilly Brandao (Brazil)

Nuno Figuereido (Brazil/Best)

17th place: 

Lee Harvey (United Kingdom/North)

Gunnar Biniasch (Netherlands/Underground)

Herve Boure (France)

Nans Laviolette (La Reunion)

Sebastien Schmitt (La Reunion)

Etienne Lhote (France/F-One)

Gustavo Foerster (Brazil)

Jamie Donaldson (USA)


1st place: Ninja Bichler (Mauritius)

2nd place: Marie Gautron (France)

3rd place: Steph Bridge (United Kingdom/North)

4th place: Kristin Boese (Germany/Best)

5th place:

Suzanne Kuiper (Netherlands/F-One)

Ines Correia (Portugal)

7th place: 

Melissa Gil (USA)

Elsa Saintville (Mauritius)

9th place:

Muriel Vandenbempt (France)

Erika Lindberg (Sweden)

Maayke Tadema (Netherlands/Best)

Kelly Strachan (USA)