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This event will feature the largest prize purse in the history of kitesurfing! $27,000 bucks!

Twelve of the fastest speed kiting guys in the world and one girl, Charlotte Consorti (who has proven to be as fast as the guys) have been invited to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, to see who is the fastest sailor in the world. The best in America challenges the best in France.

Who will take home the money and bragging rights?

The two week event will be held October 17 through the 31st, 2011. It is an all or nothing event where the best guys in the world will battle it out on American waters…….

The invited riders:


1. Rob Douglas US-555 – 55.65kts WR & NR Lynch Associates, The Black Dog, Cabrinha, NPX, Dakine
2. Alex Caizergues F-21 – 54.93kts – Ouest Provence, AlpEnergie, F ONE, Volkswagen Utilitaires, Placide, Zenith, Orange
3. Seb Selarno F-64 – 54.28kts – GIN Kiteboarding , EDF , ROOTS Shape, Microfins , Mormaï
4. Sylvain Hoceini F-53 – 52.90kts – optimumkite.fr, rip curl, Griffin
5. Charlotte Consorti F-4 – 50.43kts WR &NR – AIRWAVES, EAFIT, FONE
6. Morgan Douglas US-57 – 49.69kts Lynch Associates, The Black Dog, Cabrinha, West
7. Christophe Prin-Guenon F-9 – 49.54kts – F.ONE, THE BLACKDOG, ROOTS, PROLIMIT, LE ROBINSON
8. Jamie Douglas US-56 – 49.49kts Lynch Associates, The Black Dog, Cabrinha
9. Bill Lynch US-52 – 42.32kts WC Lynch Associates
10. Jerome Bila F-8 – 49.26kts – GENETRIX / DABENS / BLANKFORCE
11. Manu Taub F-13 – 49.09kts – Fuerteventura / F.one / Line up Fuerteventura
12. Patrice Menossi F-40 – 48.74kts – Deska, Ozone, ME

Damien LeRoy will be in Martha’s Vineyard documenting and capturing video of the entire event as it unfolds.