Cynthia ‘Cynbad’ Brown, a longtime kiteboarder and strapless rider, has joined FireWire. She has been kitboarding since when kites had two lines, no chicken loops, no safety release, and it truly was an extreme sport. She is passionate about all aspects of kiting, whether it be freestyle, big air, racing, or surfing.

“The FireWire kite-specific surfboards are unmatched in their combination of flex, lightness, and durability,” said Cynbad. “These exceptional boards are equally at home tearing up the surf as they are at soaring through the air. Strapped or strapless, they are guaranteed to take everyone’s kitesurfing stoke to the next level.”

FireWire CEO Mark Price said, “FireWire is excited to have veteran kitesurfer Cynthia ‘Cynbad’ Brown join the kiting team. Cynbad is a talented rider who is well-known in the industry and is an inspiration for many female and male riders alike. FireWire’s kite boards were a great fit for Cynbad’s wave and aerial riding style and we are proud to have her as part of the kite team.”