To ensure that that they received all applications for those that applied for a wildcard spot on the KSP tour, IKA and KSP are asking that riders double check that you are on the below list. If not, please contact the KSP or IKA by June 11 with proof of your in-time application.

All applications will be sent to a jury consisting of the sports stakeholders for consideration and final wildcard allocation will be published by July 1st.

Here is the list of applications in alphabetical order:


  • Bastien Bollard (FRA)
  • Bear Karry (USA)
  • Ben Meyer (USA)
  • Cameron Dietrich (USA)
  • Ethiene Lhote (FRA)
  • Gunnar Biniasch (GER)
  • Gustavo Foerster (BRA)
  • Ian Alldredge (USA)
  • James Donaldson (USA)
  • Jeff Kafka (USA)
  • Jesse Richman (HI)
  • Jeremy Eloy (FRA)
  • Joao Stopani Santos (POR)
  • John Bonetti (USA)
  • John Amundson (HI)
  • Jon Modica (USA)
  • Juan Pablo Diban (CHI)
  • Kai Lenny (HI)
  • Lee Harvey (GBR)
  • Laurent Le Bolloch (MRI)
  • Marc Ramseier (SUI)
  • Martin Vari (ARG)
  • Mark Shinn (GBR)
  • Nuno Figueiredo (POR)
  • Patri McLaughlin (HI)
  • Patrick Rebstock (USA)
  • Paulino Perreira (POR)
  • Reo Stevens (HI)
  • Roberto Nascimento (BRA)
  • Ryland Blakeney (AUS)
  • Sebastien Schmitt (REU)
  • Ted Lyons (USA)


  • Adriana Harlan (HI)
  • Ines Correira (POR)
  • Kelly Wren Strachan (MEX)
  • Kirsty Jones (GBR)
  • Kristin Boese (GER)
  • Maayke Tadema (NED)
  • Marie Gautron (FRA)
  • Melissa Gil (PUR)
  • Moona Whyte (HI)
  • Steph Bridge (GBR)
  • Suzanne Kuiper (NED)
  • Tuva Jansen (NOR)
  • Tomoko Okazaki (JPN)

Amazing group of talented applicants — good luck to all!



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