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[audio: https://thekiteboarder.com/podcasts/kittyhawk-kites-7-2010.mp3]

TKB Podcast: Eat, Sleep and Breathe Kiting at Waves Village

Our guest on this week’s The Kiteboarder podcast is Chris Moore, kiteboarding operations manager of Kitty Hawk Kiteboarding in Rodantee, North Carolina. With waist deep water for miles and the best surf spot in the Outer Banks directly across the street, the center just opened Waves Village, an upscale kiteboarding resort complete with amenity-packed condos, a full-service restaurant, 15,000 square foot retail shop, skateboard park, expanded demo center, air compressors, hot showers, dedicated kite launcher/lander and more.


Best of all, the facility is open to the public! Chris is also a lead PASA examiner. He is joining us here today to talk about the new resort and amenities, the riding scene in the outer banks, and what’s going down at PASA.

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