Naish 2010 Momentum Analyze This Board Review

TESTED: 132×41
AVAILABLE SIZES: 130×40, 132×41, and 134×42
STYLE: Freestyle Twin-Tip
TESTED IN: Corpus Christi, 18-20 knots and flat water


The Momentum is a new range that offers top freestyle riders a performance alternative to the Thorn, characterized by a higher rocker line for a new style of pop and insanely smooth landings.

The performance of the Momentum did not evolve from any other range of kiteboards. It is entirely new. The Momentum goes in a completely new direction in terms of rocker and outline. T

his new combination results in radically smooth performance, a new style of freestyle pop, and makes landing the craziest moves easier than imagined possible.

While the Thorn challenges you to show the world how good you are, the Momentum lets you push yourself to become even better.



Out of the Box: The graphics of the Momentum, especially the retro multicolor bottom are especially eye-catching, but we also immediately noticed this board’s quality construction. The Momentum features a solid wood core and a bottom shape that gave us the impression that this would be a good wakestyle board.

The tips are thin and flexible while the board gets progressively stiffer towards the middle of the board. The included fourth-generation Grav-D integrated footstrap/foot binding system has a very clean look and is super easy to install.

On the Water :The Momentum gets up on a plane quickly and seems to hold its speed really well through gusts and lulls. The good amount of flex through the board really smooths out the chop without being flexible to the point where the board’s pop and responsiveness suffer.

The Momentum is very easy to control and it has great upwind ability. This board has a ton of pop and releases from the water very well. This, combined with the Momentum’s forgiving landings, makes it a great board to push yourself to learn new wakestyle or kiteloop moves.


If you ride flat water and really want to push your riding with fast load and pop tricks, this is a great board. The smooth landings and upwind ability round out the features to make the Momentum a very nice piece of equipment.


  • The board is forgiving on landings, so don’t be afraid to try those harder tricks that you may have previously stayed away from.
  • In choppy conditions or in the surf try to keep your legs a little more bent than normal and shift your weight to your back leg to help the board travel all the way through turns without skipping out.

Consumer Review: airush geoff at
In choppy gusty conditions the board was really good upwind and very quick to get up on a plane, would definitely be one of the better light wind boards I have ridden. It absorbed the chop really well and was a very smooth and predictable ride. I was worried that the amount of flex in the board would cause it to be slow but found that the board was quick and very controllable. Read the full review at

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